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Let me install gogel chrome that's it and i i will never install anything else ever again i just want to use this one thing it may impact uh performance by three percent torme impact the reliability of the system by 7 percent or whatever these numbers are but you as an adult purchased a product are making this decision for yourself i know they can put these little blocks up there but they're all fake windows tennis runs when 32 this went 32 ups all over it it's it they're installed on the system when you buy it uh it's it's arbitrator know me like dope at yes i just think there's a there's a compromise that can be bay the problem with windows tennis is is too much of a heartstopping it's a it's a goal it's it is inaudible place to get for windows it's just not ready here in 2017 so e e e you you you let you you let people crack through the fire while a little bit to do the one or two things that they want um and that's it it's easy he i feel i i still feel like a briefing if i still feel like a big reason they did tennis is to try to keep trying to make edge gain some momentum so that's why they don't want chrome on there and i think that once going to be the the the one that's like absolutely not so are okay his and other altered at future for those in general but let's went to citizenship pacific late which is that uh sometime in the future possibly during the lifetime of the fall criticize update more likely to the next version uh windows or by percentage will be updated support of the full capability list for progress web apps and microsoft has said the pasifik as recently a bill as build that they would put progressive web apps in the store and when i look at uh the available selection of like you wpro that are in the store today i find them to be very lacking but more importantly find than to be lacking compared to highquality website gogel inbox or google calendar the new oic duck a bit which is fantastic.

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