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All of the different price, tag on side, say happy, I Henderson go, I wasn't a call for a long time, and to me. Seeing all of this right now. Just seeing everyone happy his amazing before people get Reverend Dr Jones Sanyo, pastor of the local metropolitan community church says a blessing look at how many people are gathered here today. So thanks for the food, and for everybody who prepared it feel free to say, Amen. All right, says a pride picnic is symbolic, when we share food together, we belong to each other, we're family there, quite a few clergy members at the picnic. Another is Reverend Jerry Miller, who son came out his gay four decades ago, my wife and I. Basically, went in the closet, 'cause I was a pastor of Baptist church at that time, and I prayed that God would change my son someday. God didn't change himmy changed me. Miller's eighty-five. He's like the grandfather this community. He leads the peace like chapter a group for family and friends of LGBTQ, people Miller never expected to see a Pride Day in Ville. No. I didn't think possible. I never even thought about until Laura came along. I'm from DC, and so it's so commonplace up there, but not down here organizer Laura Bannister, thought, of course, there should be a pride picnic and hendersonville. Why not I've had a lot of resistance, though. There have been people that have told me the cable will show up if you have this picnic at the park, but on the day, the picnic, not a single.

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