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Services for your estimate or repair visit. Gerber collision dot com For details Get into Gerber. Mad bear with traffic on the fives. Followers on Twitter Wi VC traffic. Stephanie Mean, which TV meteorologist What's going on? Yeah, we're still dry this morning. Just lots of cloud cover very mild temperatures in the middle sixties. Eventually, late morning, early afternoon, we are tracking a complex of showers. And if you rumbles of thunder that's going to give us some potentially heavy rains. So hopefully if you are heading out in about you, do you have some type of rain gear to keep yourself dry. We'll continue to see scattered showers and storms. Those through the afternoon and early evening hours. Daytime highs will hold. In the middle sixties on an overnight lows tonight, she fall to the forties, with showers beginning to end as we approach midnight tonight, once they will be completely dry will be partly cloudy sky daytime highs still cooler in the lower sixties. Scattered showers returned just in time for Thursday with high still holding in the low sixties and then by Friday. Hi is at 63 degrees to see a partly cloudy sky and Mother's Day weekend for right now, just like a touch, soggy with scattered afternoon showers and storms Saturday with highs in the middle sixties so kind of a cooler stretch out ahead of us. That right? There is Stephanie meet of Wish TV. Stephanie. Thank you. 65 degrees in the American Standard Cooling Weather Center. The time right now is 807 this'll Hour on 93. W. B. C is powered by the home loan expert dot com. I'm not quite sure how it's possible. That nobody has looked at the prosecutor, Marion County, Ryan Miers and said, You have to go now. Because your failure Isn't.

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