The House, Lindsey Graham, St Louis discussed on Sean Hannity


Channel and i said i can tell you the anger is justified it and and real and palpable and you know what's the point and what i said was there needs to be some action from the house in pushing their senate colleagues to get their job done right now the biggest obstacle to getting anything done is mitch mcconnell and john mccain you can add him to the list and if he would just move to a simple majority then all of those bills that were passed in the house can be done i know lindsey graham wants to move on healthcare we'll get into that a little bit in the next segment but mcconnell doesn't move in the next fourteen weeks everything this this opportunity once in a generation opportunities we'll have been wandered because things become twice as hard and a look at these crowds building in st louis this doesn't look good to me what is they the in this linda yes and anyway there's an opportunity of a generation it's being squandered and everything that everybody the boater foreign 2010 2014 in 2016 it could all now be implemented and everybody would benefit politically but i said times running out the agenda is simple i went through repeal and replace i don't care which which bill at this point anything that is going to move the ball forward would be helpful in all seven brackets the three middle class tax cut simplification corporate cuts repatriation and the death tax all the things we talked about with ted cruz is this week funding the wall is not an option it's a must do item and i said if you just do those things include energy independence presidents already appointed originalist to the supreme court no i'm just i am so frustrated that they're not getting it done an thinking this is the once in a lifetime opportunity is right in front of us these things aren't that complicated people's expectations are non high senator mcconnell and if you can't do it you really do need to go so maybe put somebody power the that does care will work harder.

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