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Three of brad davis radio program but talk of connecticut forty one nineteen minutes before the hour of six o'clock already as we're into a brand new a brandnew week and we've got a lot of information lot of information for you as this week national security adviser john bolton yesterday carefully doubled down on president trump's threat that european countries could be sanctioned by the united states if they continue to be involved with iran it's possible baltin said during an interview on cnn's state of the union bolton statement came as he and secretary of state mike peril i tried to amplify the reason behind the trump administration's deal to withdraw from the iran nuclear agreement and explain how it will work given that the international community other than israel and some arab nations are not jumping on board with the president both bolton and pompeo suggested they believe the major european powers might eventually see the light trump on tuesday said he was going to reimpose sanctions on iran dealing a blow to what he called the decaying and rotten iran nuclear deal those sanctions could involve secondary sanctions which could penalize countries whose companies continue to trade with iran any nation that helps iran in its quest for nuclear weapons could also be strongly sanctioned by the united states those are the words of the president so there you have it it is coming up to a five forty four and i've got a couple of other stories that we're gonna.

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