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And and then our next stop was summer fest in in milwaukee and so here it is my dad's opening for arlo guthrie at summer fest which is an outdoor festival as my friend says which is like a you know an island of sausage surrounded by beer base there's a lot of drunk people there's thousands of drunk people in the audience and my dad's trying to do class clown bits bits from the new album that that isn't even out yet the album is not even out yet so the promoter doesn't even know what my dad's gonna do and of course my dad's using some language and he's dropping the language in here and there and there's some policemen there who decide that they're not happy with this language and so the pro so we're backstage at the promoter comes up to my mom and says to my mom the cops are here and they're going to arrest george the minute he gets off stage and now my mom knew that my dad had some coke and marijuana in his pockets and so she went on stage with a glass of water and we have the recording of it you can hear him like saying hey what are you doing out here and then they whisper to each other and she basically says you know get off stage left were we're going to you know this is what's going down we keep finally so the miniature tells them that that the cops are going to arrest him he doesn't just say to the crowd oh i gotta go now you know and and be you know a good boy no this is when he starts in with the seventy words routine he just goes for it and of course all of a sudden about i don't know a few minutes into it the microphone goes mute he walks off the stage we go backstage they're stashing the drugs in the drummers bass drum and and and.

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