Study: Blue light from screens can steadily blind us


Finds that the. Blue light emitted, from the screens of cell phones and computers could accelerate blindness ongoing exposure to this light triggers a reaction in the eyes light sensitive cells that. Can speed up damage from macular degeneration relatively common condition in older. Adults a study in the journal scientific reports. Says it can cause. Blurred, were no. Vision in the center of the visual field so secret that blue light. Harms vision by damaging the ice retina but Newsweek says this experiment explains how it happens macular degeneration is caused by death of photoreceptor cells in the retina typical, onset starts between fifty and sixty in is the leading, cause of vision loss in the US. One doctor says people who. Want to protect their eyes from blue light. Should avoid looking at their cell, phones or other blue light, emitting devices in the dark

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