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Calm the concerns off these Oh, testers, who are frustrated that there has been no accountability they say so far following that deadly explosion on Tuesday Functions. Trey Yingst America is listing. Fox News. Kogo News Center. I'm Phil Farrar, a man stabbed to death in Spring Valley last night. And a woman at the scene also suffering non life threatening injuries. Deputy say this happened shortly before midnight at an apartment complex in the 3500 block of James Circle. A man stabbed That's according to one of the lieutenants. Paramedics rushed to the scene. And then to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Shortly after his arrival, The woman was transported to a local hospital with those non life threatening injuries. Rescue crews say they've recovered the bodies of those seven Marines and sailor who went missing July 30th during a training operation. The cousin of a corporal Cesar Villanueva says the family is coming to terms with the sad news, the Marines and Taylor Had been trading off the coast of San Clementi Island when they're amphibious assault vehicle started flooding right now. Downtown. It is 73 degrees. I'm Phil Farar on NewsRadio 600 Kogo. This report is sponsored by the podcast for gotten Women of what is in Mira Mesa Metal shed in the middle lanes of the 15 South bound in power Aero, probably the.

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