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Gifts from the best brands, all at your local ace offers valid on select items at participating stores through June seventeenth. See store for details. Now traffic and weather together on the eight on NewsRadio nine fifty w w j w w j traffic time to forty eight on an early Wednesday. We're looking at the triple eight jam cams, and we don't see any red and blue flashing light, just some yellow flashers, and that means construction in Detroit. The I ninety four eastbound ramp to northbound m Timbaland close to relate to also the ninety four westbound ramp to the live south closed nightly eight PM to six AM. I ninety four westbound onto the lodge freeway, the right lane scheduled to be closed from nine PM to five AM. Also in Detroit, I ninety four east and westbound between Warren and Trumbull construction scheduled to leave only the right lane. Open each way from nine PM to five AM nightly through June, thirtieth and by twelve between eight mile and thirteen mile roadwork scheduled nightly that will close Elaine from nine in the evening until five in the morning in Taylor the I seventy five northbound connector, too. Telegraph north. Roadwork continues to block the left lane. It Madison heights northbound Stevenson highway at eleven mile construction leaves only the one lane open hash tag along with us on Twitter at WW, J traffic in the idol Dom motor group twenty four hour traffic center. I'm Jeff defriend w w j NewsRadio nine fifty. Thank Jeff, now the AccuWeather forecast from the family heating cooling and electrical weather center. Here's Carl babinski early on this Wednesday morning. We'll.

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