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What's he going to do? Cute? Do you have a four string? They could go to the Oh, you know, I mean, Harry, you got Bob Boat? I mean, I thought as we pointed out earlier than he play, I thought he played pretty well. That one game you play except for the power play. And, you know, three power play goals. That kind of Really set the tone for the game. And you know on Draeger. I thought in the first period at Draeger didn't have it because I kept looking at him losing missing in the gold pad or the the catch with his glove. He wasn't finding the park real well and And, of course, then Barbara. She came in and in the third period, but that's two times now. I don't know. All right. Says you know that. Does that send a message to the goal is to not I just curious to see right now. You've got a young kid in there. He had a decent okay, uh Four games in the regular season. You know, he he won all four of them. His save percentage was It was good, not outstanding at me. It was 9 19, which is very good which you want to have. But Um, it'll be interesting to see right now. If I'm the find the lightning. I run a really test him early. I don't want to see this and they've got to get out of the second way is trying to pass the puck into the end of the net. You know, just start shooting out of my crazy really. Getting in front of the net, getting traffic there less what they started. Do when they became very successful. That Second game. That's what I I I'd like to see him do more of it, doing a very a lot earlier. Yeah, obviously have. Florida is really out shot the lightning and all three of these games they averaged about 40 shots per game..

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