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Celean, Sleepy's Plus, Get a Free Adjustable base with your 6 99 mattress purchase. ABC Weather Tonight Partly cloudy in the evening then cloudy lows in the mid fifties to around 60 Tomorrow cloudy in the morning, then clearing to the beaches and the afternoon starting Tuesday afternoon. Traffic gets easier to deal with as Leo two point alive and five debuts form or sensible, wide home, Leo Terrell weekdays at five on 7 90 KBC Now here's K ABC sports with Randy. Why, thank you, Mr Kevin Trip and congratulations to Leo to rob. The Angels lost to the ages five Nothing. Ouch! No Congratulations. The Angels Game two and Oakland. It's 6 30. How could you have so much talent on one team and still be awful. The Dodgers beat the Giants 43. Game two against San Francisco at seven. Lakers beat the Suns one of 9 95 to 1 lead game for Sunday and 12 30 Clippers, Mavs Game three and 6 30 there down to nothing. The Elliot's. He's buying the New York City's Tomorrow into L. A galaxy centers a tomorrow at four. And it's not just the ward in the wants to give everything away when it comes to you getting your shot. Ella's getting involved, too. With some giveaways. L A County says, Hey, come to one of our vaccination sites, and you might get a $75 gift card to target. Actually get a lot of stuff for $75 a target. That's great, but not to be outdone, Eric Garcetti says, Hey, hey, hey, come to one of the L A city vaccination sites and you'll be in the running for season tickets to next season of the L. A Kings. There are exactly 19,000 people that would be interested in that..

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