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So i mean we all know who david duke is of former clan member i mean former clan member he's still a neo nazi david duke nudge the member here's the present to quoted older commercial he was a grand wizard of ku klux klan um i had him on the show uh a little while back not on the main show but until tea interviews and it was one of the most painful interviews i've ever done but if you don't believe in of it he's neonazis still deeply deeply racist antisemitic go wasset said interview my guy i've never seen anyone who is the jews more the david duke uh if you if anybody so much as sneezes hebrews like it's the juice so now that guy a former ran wizard in a lot of ways with the same exact thoughts he had when he was a grand wizard of the klan go watch the interview you will you will agree with me okay deeply deeply as deeply racist and antisemitic as you could possibly yet going bravo donald trump pravo that's right that sorry just join equivalency between the nazis in the clan and people on the left who say that black people should have civil rights okay yes bravo all nazi salute you indeed right one other person who wasn't buying donald trump's denouncement of white supremacists was richard spencer in fact he released a statement about it he said that trump's statement today was more kunbae on nonsense only a dump person would take those lines seriously so duke actually saw the press conference that's what he go so certain about richard spencer tweeted before the press conference saying oh when trump.

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