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This list includes entities owned by controlled by or affiliated with China's government military or defense industry as the people's Republic of China tends to blur the lines between civil and military sectors knowing your supplier is critical we envision this list to be a useful tool for the United States government companies investors academic institutions and like minded partners to conduct due diligence with regard to partnerships with these entities particularly as the list grows and of course the Chinese are saying this is without merit this is scandal is blah blah blah and what happened here is that any company that we found to have links to the people's Liberation Army the cuddly Chinese it was mandated under the defense authorization act of nineteen ninety nine but the administration and the White House now the trump administration is the first to release the report I kinda like that I do and of course Marco Rubio has waited let me give kudos to Marco Rubio the senior senator state of Florida Republican senator Marco Rubio has been very hawkish and fully understands a Chinese espionage how that they have stolen ripped us off I don't list of projects and secretive information in high tech spying and espionage on the highest levels the amount of money that the Chinese technically of stolen from us I think it's really in calculable the damage they've done monetarily as well as to our national security Marco Rubio put out a statement that said the list put out today by the Pentagon is a start but woefully inadequate to warn the American people about the state owned and directed companies that support the Chinese government and communist parties activities threatening U. S. economic and national security the list only touches the surface of the Chinese government's exploitation of U. S. capital markets at the expense of retail investors and pensioners by manning the networks of affiliated and subsidiary companies so there are many other that are connected to some of these companies it's it's a tangled web with sol many offshoots and tributaries that's essentially what Marco Rubio is saying here and of course some of the companies on the list they're fighting back this is a natural expected reflex this is an outrage we're independent we're not part of the Chinese military or government these claims and accusations are baseless that's just the typical claptrap response that you'd expect without a doubt all right here is the latest and a lot of these you might not have heard of of course south wall way being the biggest on the list but some of you listening I know a probably heard of these so these are the companies on the list released by the Pentagon that have ties to the Chinese government or even owned by the Chinese government were linked to the Chinese government and military and it's certainly not any we're looking out for the interests of the United States is all calm the Chinese the company's our aviation industry corporation of China China aerospace science and technology corporation China aerospace science and industry corporation China electronics technology group corporation China south industries group corporation China shipbuilding industry corporation China's state sure very your creative names here are China state shipbuilding corporation China north industries group corporation while way technologies is the one that everyone knows this is another one a lot of folks will know hangs you I he could vision digital technology company or hike vision hangs U. H. A. N. G. E. S. or Z. rather H. A. N. G. Z. H. O. you hi division H. I. K. V. I. S. I. O. in digital technology Corp Inspur group aero engine corporation of China China railway construction corporation C. R. R. C. corporation ham the electronics group the panda express Chinese restaurant chain is not on this list I might add dawning information industry company China mobile communications group China general nuclear power corporation China national nuclear power corporation and China telecommunications Corp those are the names on the list also before I wrap this up and get into the the Russian story which is our Philip and Regis this Russian story which doesn't surprise me no not at all we also spoke about this probably in the last couple of months and again it's resurfacing again now what's not on that list of Chinese owned or controlled companies is DJ I DJIA the top drone manufacturer in the world and again there have been I was raised and concerns about this for quite some time but it's coming back around and there's a new warning from the department of homeland security just carries the DJ eyes not on the list because it's believed that the Chinese military infrastructure an Intel folks are all over the J. I. without the drones and the ability to call data etcetera but the department of homeland security is warning police departments United States police agencies that these surveillance drones made by D. J. II the Chinese drone manufacturer all our at risk of having data intercepted and sent back to the Chinese the cyber security department inside of the department of homeland security so it's the cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency that says system is what that agency is called and they have been aware and alert to for a while but they're making more noise about DJ I being the largest commercial drone manufacturer on the planet and here's the twist here is that they've loaned drone aircraft two US police departments to monitor residence monetary situations during the corona virus pandemic and the director of cesa it's Christopher crabs and he's saying that any information collected by DJ I drone should be considered at risk M. protected from inadvertent disclosure additionally departments are discouraged from using DJI's drones donated for non covert nineteen law enforcement operations that involve the collection of sensitive information so how devious with this page of the Chinese government behind or having a very big part in getting information from the DJ I drone corporation then they're giving draws out the U. S. agencies are police departments I would like his devious yeah he give him something and essentially they have back doors potentially to use that data inspired I mean is that they don't believe all it is and I think what else is unbelievable that we've known this and the trump administration according to a brand new New York times story today the trump administration's having trying to figure out what to do about this.

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