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To the program. Oh, there was a lot of money bet on the eagles to just win. The money line. One guy put up $300,000 on the eagles to just win. And he would have gotten $60,000. Nobody gave him a chance. You always got to give him a chance. It's the NFL. See, what happens sometimes is we look at a team. We look at the franchise or the owner and we go, what a terrible team. No, they're not a terrible team. They got a terrible owner. There's a big difference in that. And you saw that last night. Ron Rivera somehow has kept this team together through all of this and done an unbelievable job. We often fixate on a team's record in the NFL. And if we learned anything from last night, you never really know. And certainly this year, coming into last night's game Philadelphia, the only undefeated team in the league. But that doesn't matter. It's not what you've done. It's the game in front of you. Because how many times do we go, wait, the chiefs lost to the colts? Yes, it happened. Go back to the colts. The colts needed to win last year. All they have to do is beat a Jacksonville team that had two wins. They make the playoffs. They got blown out 26 to 11. So every week it feels like that's a mismatch. I don't know what's a mismatch anymore in the NFL because you have to look at this and go, they have a chance. By the way, the gambling podcast, Dylan, the graphics guy. He said he was taking the commander straight up against the eagles. 5 units last night. We'll have the gambling podcast, Shay and Irving is back this week from San Juan Puerto Rico, where I think he stayed maybe longer than he was supposed to, but he'll be back with bad Larry. That'll be Thursday on the website, Dan Patrick takes a gamble. All right, 8 7 7 three DP show, email address, DP a Dan Patrick dot com, Twitter handle it DP show. Peter king will join us. He was in Germany for the Buccaneers in the Seahawks. He'll join us a little bit later on. The former NBA great Jim Jackson on all of the talk about Anthony Davis, maybe maybe being traded. And is there a possibility Kevin Durant is still out there for somebody to trade for? A lot of things going on, nothing solid right now. But Jim Jackson will join us a little bit later on. But the commanders beat the eagles 32 21 and two Mac games coming up tonight. Got a lot of college football as well. The stat of the day brought to you by panini America. The official trading cards of the Dan Patrick show say good morning to those on chat roe. Also those who are watching on peacock are streaming partner and listening on our radio affiliates around the country. Play of the day, stat of the day, poll question.

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