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They get naked yeah I do that. I think that that's crossing a line in terms of what he wants to see that naked at the show but I feel like that guy was probably one hell of an interview yeah like a like a guy who just goes to college art classes and there's a new model that sort of thing and advertising four Bachelorette parties yeah right advertising for Bachelor Party. I guess the Bachelorette parties get wild probably probably how many marriages have you broken up like how many things got cancelled correct for the wedding because like Bachelor Party got a little too wild yeah probably very few. Have you ever like stolen the bride away from from like the groom happened and you see that I mean he's a tasteful nude sketch artist who I mean you know one. Man's tasteful is another man's marriage breaker upper. I guess and the husband is like what you're leaving me for. A stripper and the wife is is like no he's tasteful sketch artis yeah yeah. That's where you would know anything about my art. Would you Harry would you. I guess Gary <hes>. Did you have a like a wild bachelor party now. You know I didn't have a Bachelor party yeah because you were like fourteen right I was I was twenty. I didn't even know that I thought they were just in the movie. I didn't know it was real thing. I might should that be a podcast should keep his bachelor party since I never had one <hes>. Can you get justice friend from facebook group who is going to come to Minnesota but didn't come because our plans were too lame. Oh Yeah Oh that guy you know. He said he wouldn't come but it sounded like a trip that was planned by a bunch of married men a bunch of family men and like he clearly wanted us to go to strip clubs and like I don't know I don't know what do some cocaine. Maybe they'll be cocaine but it won't be at a Strip club field there will be it will be snowing ills for the mets. What about this so people like Allie lashes idea of Robin Akiva Pajama Party last week? You said let's just do that late night. After the first met gavel late night with Robin Cuba the Robin mckeever have Pajama Party so <hes> but are we holding back on what may be our best idea and saving four sort of a tertiary thing. That's you know it's nice but like is it necessary to to save that up and or if it loses we could just do Robyn John Party. Should we add that to the wheel. I don't think it should be on on the live show wheel because I think that the wh- what is fun about that idea is the idea of of the slumber party is sort of like the intimate setting where you can reveal the innermost secrets or this is a story I told you guys normal circumstantial or but on your floor of of your hotel room with Nelson from Denver and and and Brench Brent Farren Cop like now I'm GonNa tell it to you. I think that there is a tendency on the live show to be big and not tell a long story from childhood right. It's like as this. Is this working I without that pressure. I feel like that if that that is going to be what we wanted to be I think it needs to be in a different setting. Okay yeah that's fine. I am excited for that idea man. This is going to be every time I tell someone this week like. I've got to go to Minnesota next week. I'm GonNa be away whatever and then I have to explain the whole trip..

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