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They can all play animal crossing butts. They have to go on to your island and progress can't be moved forward and they said done by the the the the landowner if you like there was a special name animal crossing gate the person but can't quite remember what was the land. Only if you like the game owner can progress the Taw of the the story and those things but the other people can visit your island and do stuff but it will always play on your island and this people angry and tolerant of annoyed the sense that Nintendo being greedy or they're being you know sadistic how they do things and quite frankly. I think it's stupid. My opinion is you know if you've got one once which multiple people wanNA play on an island or that more plannable crossing how I see the island as kind of a backdrop. It's a platform for you to enjoy the space and do as you please you know and I think for this tile. It's kind of a nice way of doing things that keeps things in one place and if you'd say you've got children they want to do something on animal crossing you can help them and you can guide them in in a sense that you can add it to your island. I do get people's upset and people think Nintendo just being greedy and they want you to go out and buy multiple switches to have multiple copies of animal crossing. But I mean is it really that much of a problem. Let's be honest. Let's is it worthy of being rude. Route bombed review bombed on metacritic because ultimately. What does that solve not lot because you draw more attention to the game because news outlets like myself talk about it which then drive up sales because people want to be involved in this kind of and it just doesn't make any sense and it's just as vicious cycle of this you know. Review Ball Will drive up the phone. I don't get it. I don't think it's a problem. I haven't come across that by the time. I am the only one in my household playing animal crossing and my son. If he wants to have a go at it he just joined on. My Island. Doesn't bother me read it doesn't I don't get it. So that's Kinda my thoughts and feelings about the review bomb. I think silly I think any review bomb pop from the Star Wars Battlefront two. That was totally totally justified. But mainly any review bomb. Just doesn't Mike a lot of sets they got that's modulations and people may disagree with me. People may completely think I'm talking gibberish. An out of my backside by a genuinely failed like there is no need to review bomb. This unfortunately I don't really have too much more silent. They go and you can. You can tell me I'm an idiot. You can tell me or you like that's my fault. But my thoughts on animal crossing is again for a first time. Playa. It's a fun experience. It really and carly in the current state of the world's where all always being covered by the news and and this pandemic that's gripping the globe is kind of Nice to have something that's a bit brightly colored and a little bit daft. Ima Hands that simple as that. That's my attitude. It's just a bit daft a bit silly and it's nice to China or go to an island do some bits and pieces and you can turn off again and you come back to it later. That's animal crossing a nutshell. It's just a good time You know it's not much more to say about it. I don't know how many hours I've now put in animal crossing butts. I've done a fair bit. I'm happy I'm doing so far. I'm down to just as I point eight days ago. A much switch start giving you an actual timeframe of how long you've put into it. They got that's my thoughts and feelings on animal crossing and his review bomb state. I will say before go. What was announced that the direct was an Easter Bunny update during April from April? First which is as of recording about four days time. We're going to say They gave us a teaser of egg gathering. Diy crofting and so you essentially get the Easter Bunny and you get some will say Some different things that come from these two bunny you can make crossing things alleged. Say I just have to say this? Actually the pole vaulting is the most is just a really fantastic experience in this game. I love the Paul Action Great. So that's my thoughts and feelings on animal crossing of trying to wrap this up to three times but I keep forgetting it was always else ad. I want to see your creations. Your hands and stuff and once we get the written feature up and running will then feature y'all islands and your creations in on the paper version of this podcast. So get them. Send in and I'll tell you more about it shortly and I just wanted to quickly briefly. Say That we've got apparently then tennis which is sold everywhere now. This could be the with the current global pandemic and UK in us. Anyway this comes from Mattru this dangerous which is basically sold out everywhere with only one viable being sold at high prices opera couple of high profile games and looking to suffer some minor delays because of covy nineteen now we are seeing the effects of hot westbound specifically intendo switch with so many people were forced to stay at home. There is a natural growing desire to be entertained by some bowl games. So it's not surprising. To see the switch poison ballgame says the guy who doesn't intend to podcast. Switch CEOS SHOOT UP. What kind of surprise? What is it kind of is price though? Is that the console. Handheld hybrid pays to be almost completely sold out here in the UK both game and shop to have no switches on offer at all while Amazon Amazon does apparently still have a few at the time of writing the only former third party sellers and quite frankly being sold ridiculous prices with US ones being offered roughly seven hundred fifty quit. That's absolutely stupid and you should not making a profit off people's misfortune your bad person. Whoever's doing that so at Forbes's reports during the same in America game stop who was forced to close down and no surprises. Then long pause was for you. I think right now what he second. I'm going to give the dumb award to game stuff. Best buy a completely drawing so they go just seems to be. You know with everything that's going on. We are forced to stay indoors currently in the UK as of last Monday. It's a three week. lock down where you can only go out for a consensual supplies medicine and one exercise a day to hopefully curb and combat the virus outbreak. That is going on. But they go incentives which is sorta everywhere if you are selling a secondhand one. Don't put your price up. Don't be one of those people trying to make a quick buck off other people's misfortune. That's not fair that's wrong. That's disgusting and dirty. I get you know people are doing it because they think they can stop it. Sell IT FOR THE PRICE. That should be sold secondhand. Don't quick buck you. Bunch of holes and lastly pinball wizard Zen studio bring tactical RPG dread nautical to switch this April another game announcement and this was on apple arcade then studios best known for its recent years for games like a pimple ethics. Three has announced dread nautical a horror theme strategy. Pg that's arriving on Nintendo on April twenty ninth so hopefully buds on all this stuff can play a hurricane. Even better is describes a full eight described in full tactical turn based RPG featuring rogue elements and has a charming captivating eerie atmosphere. Who the promises to be one of the most unique video games released in two thousand twenty. Here's a four run down and this is courtesy of intended life. I got a traitor of it. Looks Pretty Cool? The Art Style is pretty funky. And there's nothing wrong with a good tactic lobby. I'll tell you that now this is getting that would run very well on the switch by the art style. It's kind of a again. That shell slated Kansai shaded style of up Vice President of Publishing Mel Cooke Sense. Yours wanted to branch out and prove it was more than just a pin so I had. It's also looking forward to relying its development of freedom and Craig gangs. They WANNA play. Well that's lovely to hear so let's coming out on Nintendo twenty-ninth notes coming out on April twenty nine th not Nintendo to. I don't actually know what that set them. But yet that's that's coming up that's cool also just want to bring your attention to if you have an and if you're listening to this show quite lights. You'd misses that. Intend to shop on the square. Which has ooh ship sail on right now yes?.

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