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Great economic success in history in the making when you break record after record low in terms of what the best unemployment lowest unemployment now since nineteen sixty nine the record low unemployment for African Americans Hispanic Americans Asian Americans women in the U. workplace youth unemployment African American youth unemployment compare that to Bloomberg I'm so sorry I'm successful I mean it's kind of interesting but I would argue in many ways we are living in a very historic time period whether you like Donald Trump or not he is a transformational president I don't think the presidency will ever be the same in as much as I think the dynamics even of just social media usage alone and as a means of communicating with the American people and what we've we see these crowds of of tens of thousands inside and outside these arenas even in the freezing cold waiting to hear from their president but history get it the presidential history is always interesting though isn't it somebody that understands all the economic issues probably at a level that most of us will only M. B. for most of our lives is name David Rubenstein is the co founder co executive chairman of I'm sure many of you have heard it is called the Carlyle group out of Washington DC there are global and investment firm they manage two hundred and twenty four billion dollars quite a lot of money I'm and I got to but just by happenstance I buy met David at an event that I was speaking out down in Florida and I met his daughter and I met him and I had some time to talk to many handed me his book and the book is called the American story it's a compilation of interviews with master historians about US history like in David McCullough Jon Meacham and Walter Isaac said in so many different people and I've been reading and I can't put it that even people like Bob Woodward I don't agree with them Doris Kearns Goodwin they blink and we all know about that the team of rivals and I'm fascinated because I think we're living through history and we can learn from history and those that research these best selling books about history inspired me because you learn a lot of things number one the challenges that people face in their time how they overcome those challenges and how even though times change many of the problems remain the same anyway David is with us now how are you Sir very very well thank you very much John for having me and I enjoyed our brief conversation down in Florida well I talk more to your daughter you know you she's a firecracker man all man she's smart she's very I'm very well thank you I did not that's a nice way of putting it she's a she is a very sharp smart all I gotta say energetic I'm an enthusiastic investor and she works with you and I bet you're very proud of her well I am but you should also know that she was the co chairman of of Donald trump's campaign in Alaska as well she's a committed supporter of president trump and so anyway I just wanted to mention what this book was about but you mention this in one year and nearly done if you don't remember history you're condemned to relive it that's an old saying but the truth is we don't know the mistakes of the past you might make them again so that's why we should study history and who better to know about history than are members of Congress so six years ago I started program or once a month I interview a great American historian from only members of Congress and I took sixteen of the best interviews from the people you mentioned and put him in this compilation has assigned to be an easy way to kind of read about a major people in American history George Washington Abraham Lincoln's Thomas Jefferson support or important people or not presence like Charles Lindbergh Martin Luther king and I think the response has been pretty good and as you probably know from reading the book you know it's an easy kind of way to get through American history it's not like reading a text book and so I'd really encourage people to kind of learn about more about our history this is a sad situation three quarters of Americans seventy five percent recently failed to name the three branches of government one third of Americans cannot even name one branch of government and it turns out that that right now sixty percent of people in a recent survey said that justice Scalia is the Chief Justice of United States is obviously deceased you know to be a part of a citizen of this country if you're not born here you have to take a citizenship test after five years of residency ninety one percent of the people take that test pass the same test was given given took forty one thousand Americans were born in this country recently and in forty nine of the fifty states a majority of citizens failed this basic citizenship test only in Vermont that they pass so we should learn more about history and civics in if that way we can avoid the mistakes of past unfortunately don't teach American history very much anymore what do you take out of the lessons that you write about with the John Adams Jefferson Hamilton Ben Franklin Lincoln Lindbergh Martin Luther king junior L. B. J. Nixon I mean Chief Justice Roberts by the way which you included in the book and I learn things I didn't know about him well I would say about him interestingly when I interviewed him and I've been the chairman the Smithsonian for while he's the chance for so I got to know him when he interviewed him in front of members of Congress and I thought they should learn more about the Supreme Court I said you always want to be Chief Justice he said no if you wanna be a lawyer no what do you want to be when you're a little he said I want to be a historian I only cared about American history so we went to Harvard major history he came back from spring break it's in a cab at Logan airport says that to the cab driver please take me to harbor a cab drivers are you a student yes what you majoring in major in history cab driver set well when I was a student harbor that's what I majored in also so John decided maybe you should go to law school get a perfect any day but he's not he is there there is a theme this is all the always this push and pull of of freedom verses I guess they there's a maybe the best way to put it and and those that want to believe the promises that the government is going to be your caretaker and socialism and redistribution and higher taxes frankly wealth confiscation if you listen to Bolshevik Bernie or you know Mike Mike Bloomberg you know farmer might apologizing for being successful which is ridiculous to me I think we should celebrate success what but there is this poll that people say no no no we'll take care of your every need eight now the new green deal the estimates of ninety four trillion in ten years Medicare for all estimates are fifty two trillion in ten years we only taken for four and a half trillion a year you don't need a calculator to figure out none of that adds up which means these are false promises that could never be fulfilled and basically to get there you're going to confiscate everybody's wealth and nobody alive anything in hand handed a bomb a care work out well one of the things we learned from history is that campaign promises made in presidential campaigns are very difficult to upkeep and so you know we need to study history about the C. what is realistic and what's not in terms of what presidents can can deliver I also would add that when you study great men of history and great women of history what you learn is that despite the application of George Washington Abraham Lincoln they have their flaws like everybody and so today when you see a modern political figures we know their flaws because we see them up front but if you were we were living back up two hundred years ago we see the flaws of these other people are now so famous so nobody is perfect everybody has their warts and everybody you know make a just shattered my illusions I've I've I've thought since the day I was born I was perfect on seizing it we've all syndrome tribute acts there may be or you may be one of the few people that are perfect but generally it generally people have no only false and and fallen short that's that's simple and basic and fundamental and I think most people recognize that arm is there any how do you view as you look at the context of your book and all these historical figures yeah I believe very strongly that trump will go down president trump is a transformational president and so many different ways he's a he's a force of nature and I know he creates some polarization and then people that love him love him a lot I like the fact that he keeps promises and I like the fact that his foreign policy has been successful in his economic policies of ending burdensome regulation and and cutting taxes and and allowing the a free flow of America's energy resources for the first time and putting America first I think a working for the American people do you see it that way as you as you look at it through the prism of the people you feature in your book there's no doubt that some presidents are transformational it but Ronald Reagan might be said to be transformational what he did whatever Donald Trump does or doesn't do in terms of getting reelected there's no doubt that he has transformed the presidency in this respect presidents will communicate in the future much differently they did in the past before you had press secretary she didn't know what the president thought all the time now you know what the president thinks all the time and I think it might be difficult for future presidents to communicate and in the same way as we did in the past well that's one thing I think the president has made it clear that he really likes his space and he wants to make certain that that base is fully supportive of him and that's probably something other presidents might do is where he's spent a lot of time on his face others no doubt that the economy is as good as we've seen in our lifetime many people take credit for it generally the presidency United States get the most credit for it and interestingly a present United States who has a good economy and running for reelection hasn't lost since so I think it was William Howard Taft but he was running as a people last last question isn't running out of time here David Rubenstein is with us you know I I I would assume being the co executive chairman of a group like the Carlyle group at an investment firm managing two hundred twenty four million dollars I would assume you're pretty wealthy guy here's one thing I feel you know I everyone dreads what we seem to be getting old versus young rich versus poor and dividing Americans but when they have kind of figured out as I've gotten older and I kind of started out my life with nothing David I don't know how much you know about me but I learned that we're all renters in other words you think you own your home think you own your car you think your own your toys whatever it happens to be but the day you die somebody else to go live in your house ride your car and right around your boat or whatever else you have and then life and money does not make you happy well money doesn't make you happy for sure end of the most unhappy people I've ever met or heard really wealthy people many billionaires I know or tortured souls because they realize money doesn't make them happy the what makes you happy is a happy family life successful children healthy existence so you're healthy and also the most important thing is helping other people nobody gets as much pleasure out of life as has the money to help other people you help people that have poverty yep well sanitation needs that's the most important thing in life all right da David Rubenstein thank you so much for being with us my pleasure thank you very much or a hundred other book is called by the way really well done the American story we have it up on Hannity dot com as we speak all right quick break right back eight hundred nine four one Sean you wanna be a part.

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