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This is awesome stuff. I agree I agree yes I thought there was some great stuff from Carson especially on the move it feels like the eagles have gotten his legs involved more in recent weeks than they had in the past and he's been very accurate in those situations Carson can sling it when he's on the hook and brother. Let me tell you to talk about some other quick offensive performances performances. Here before we kick it over to the defensive side of the ball but the catch up we gotta bring up Dallas Gutter the catch by Dallas got hurt in the third quarter three thirty eight on third and eight with the the score tied up at ten. This would keep go ahead Dr Alive which is the type of heroics they need on third and long this guy got her has come up big big when his number has been called in these situations late late in the season. He has a gorgeous toe tapper on this one over the shoulder just a beautiful catch. He's over six hundred yards on the year now ranks tenth among tight ends. He has top ten for yards per route run out of the slot on this season per. Pf a disguise being being absolutely productive. And you ask well why do you draft thous God if you're going to extend jacquards and all this other stuff will number one. They run twelve lot number two. This is the type of production that you can get with Dallas Goddard. When he's put in a situation like this where he has to step up just another tool in the toolbox of an offense that is severely lacking playmakers occurs so seeing Dallas guttered? Step up like that in a big time moment was fantastic to see anything else that you saw from the APP so point on that one of the things that happen which blows this is that Erz out and we should reasonably expect urge to be out in week weeks the weekend for the rest yes it is maybe less rate getting which is what we believe happened than he's big beaten up. What happened with socks is on a lot of the two-time concepts eagles ran a and they didn't put Perkins into his job and then leave got in garnered shop they put Role Than Perkins in Ghana troll. Like like if you go to fourteen thirteen in the fourth quarter This is the second in Tan. They run the little vertical. Release out of the NUB set of why weighing but got it has to be on the inside Purgas has to go the outside of this route because Perkins cannot be on the inside in line because he cannot block and so now got it runs the over which attracts the sagging linebacker. The whole defender in the middle of fuel safety and this one does and in a hurricane does running the little seem route with the outside bend. The daughter run so successfully. Anthony could be passed. It gets broken up on. The quarter does a nice job sitting on it and he makes Password got but that's commendable and everything like that. That's great whatever but the Eagles tried a couple times with perkins in the Red Zone. They never got it with him. This this little bender route. They're so used to doing because he simply is not ron and not as good runner Dallas Gutter ends Acura Tarpon. Also he doesn't have the same physicality of the data is not as big and so. It's harder for him to box out with these cadets. He does the catches relative to what garnered usually do so. That's a little frustrating. But they do a good job getting got her involved in other ways I e screen game and then they get involved him involved. A deep breaking routes still pretty consistently which is something they never do his actors He kills that's that's fantastic to say another thing. I really loved from a ski perspective. The giants can't early in this game. Were giving the eagles troubling there blocking scheme by What's called like lagging or leaking the nose? Tackle the backside eh gaps. So you line up your nose in the front side a gap and what will grab a quick plays example. We want to go to thirty nine. I was going to be a rush for nothing Mile Sanders under center at the snap. We have number ninety. Four Alvin Tomlinson. He's in the the frontside egg with the play wants to go but immediately immediately at the snap he is going to shoot into the backside. A gap right with the snap. Three mealy crosses David Kelsey space and in the Middle Linebacker who wasn't backside. A gap immediately immediately closed down Hill frontside egg APPS. You're switching the nose switching the middle linebacker. Neal's make a lot of checks calls based off middle linebacker most but the the leverage of the nose is what's important here because Kelsey goes to seal him off on the zone walk. He overshoots him because he's shooting the backside a gap he penetrates upfield while Brandon Brooks has to try to make this angle on the middle linebacker. And that's a really tough able to make because he expects them to fill backside Jay which Brooks's gap but it's as the front side is so that's over near mall is. The Eagles are out leveraged by these players Will Renzo Carter absolutely murders is same all play for nothing. Whatever if you go just immediately to the second drive right like they had one meeting on the sidelines? About this you can go to Mile Sanders. A twenty one yard run. This is seven twenty eight a in a in the first quarter. What the Eagles do? It's a very similar concept. The running zone frontside again to the left once again. The nose. Tackle the son. Dexter Lawrence is in the front inside a gap this time when he spills backside a gap kelsey comes out infect and POPs of Yongbo blocked pop. Some right over to brooks lap and then Kelsey gets off the block. He's the the WHO handles the the middle linebacker closing the frontside gap instead of trying to outreach into the playside he distaste his backside shoulder. Driveway wants to go by all standards cuts up. The gap is a twenty one yard gave the the the giants spent the entire first two drives leaking lagging the nose tackle to the backside a gap and then after this Aboard Board. They gave me. They were like less than we're screwed. His own reads this way. I had literally. Jason Kelsey adjusts Algebra. Like yeah we're just going to cobble block best instead of asking Brandon Brooks Club in the the second level and it's not gonNa work bore and they completely lost it. They trapped up. They didn't allow two really good stops with that nose tackle. The giants had to abandon it and let the Eagles get back into their base package running the football pretty quickly so the really nice odd sight adjustment. At least what I want. That's what I think happened For Kelsey BREXIT's outlet to go to the sideline for prescribes they listened. They're doing this. They're going to trap this guy that we got to be able to scoop block instead of asking me to take that. That's the that's the advantage you have with Brooks in there with Matt Prior. That's a much more difficult conversation. Because you don't have the chemistry between calcium brought at prior that you have a Kelsey. Brookes harder to pass that block off Ben crushing the offensive side the film review even while sick. It's very commendable. You hear how bad this got go to break. We're going to go to break so that Ben can blur. Will we'll be right back. I'm Jillian Weinberger host the impact a podcast from vox about how powerful people affect the rest of us this season. We're looking at the big ideas from all the people running for president in twenty twenty hit this opioid crisis head on public option. Move away a proposal to energy efficiency. And it's GonNa be a Great Wall and it's going to work. A lot of those ideas have actually been tried before like that. Wall trump wants to build the gallon. Zona has had one on its border for decades. I don't understand why individual people they have a right to have a fence and yet a country can't senator warrants proposal to end the OPIOID crisis. It's based on what we did to fight the AIDS epidemic back. We would like to name it the Ryan White Care Act and the green new deal. Germany tried something similar in two thousand. This solution this season on the impact impact. We have those stories how the big ideas from twenty twenty candidates worked or didn't work in other places or at other times. These are the stories that will help us understand what might happen if these proposals get rolled out here in the next four years. Subscribe to the impact on Apple. podcast cast or your favorite podcast APP to get the first episode on Wednesday January eighth. Hello and we are back. You're on the kissed and so late show episode one sixty five and five hundred for BGN since the relaunch. Thank you for joining US gentle listener. This of course is all brought to you by espy. Chablis degree nation Michael Kissed here with Benjamin Solex. We cover the offensive side of the ball for the eagles. Let's wit side to the defensive offensive side of the ball which had some changes in the middle of the game of automatics was beat up but I thought he had a really good game overall like I said before as far as like the whole unit goes I felt like a lot of different players had some really good games. I think Timmy Jernigan really stood out to me and timmy. Jernigan has had a kind of volatile season from week to week. He can be you know he can be pretty much anything he could be high low even be in the middle. This game I felt was one of his better ones and he He got a sack for for trouble for it about say maddox good game by him even even though he was banged up Malcolm Jenkins continues to perform. Well Rodney McLeod was bringing some thump at thought overall as well that he had a good one brand grand mates and splash plays plays and played strong throughout even guys like like Nathan Gary. I thought had a decent game and then Derek Barnett hits to successful spin moves in the same game and if he would have had a sec Ben was going to have to buy his jersey unfortunately often inside spin move against native solar council right. He's a star. The highest paid Spin cycle the league brother. It's funny because I was like Yo. Vinnie Curry's the good inside rusher game against this fan protection. Meanwhile Derek by Ned brother did his film film study which was which was one on the pros on scouting port coming now but he knew less getting wide some coming inside on folks that he really really good job reading sets in the tackle with the inside account. That's exactly what you want to see from this player. Given how he's developed thus far that's their of his game that he needs to win with and I thought he did a good job. They're not. I agree in the eagles that a lot of different things with their blitz packages packages and they use the Brandon Brandon Graham. Derek Arnold. SOM stunts the stunt from branding grant came on a while they got a sack on inverted cover to would you believe it. Ben Yes I mean the. The the key was the three-man stunt with Brandon Graham coming from like kicked in like four is spot all the way across the formation but on third and eight the coverage had things pretty well covered too. They weren't stress in a manner that typically gives them issues in inverted cover to receiver coming from one side to the deep middle. But we'll take the small victories overall Overall bump player I I felt that was kind of up and down result DOUGLASTON. We might need him in the playoffs. I thought he got picked on a bit in this game especially to start. The third quarter touchdown to tate was one where he just couldn't make a play on the ball and the next drive..

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