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Eden Canyon, Chilton, Raiders discussed on Gary and Larry


Know we worked together for many years and the canadian league and i said to him hey billy now i want to mix in a few is on montana then it and he he he didn't like it i mean he didn't like he analysis that you know that was his potential moment in the sun chance at a title and montana ripped it from them they led rederi one eta maybe you should in the sydney find as early root that was bad you know what i remember from that game i got buddy greco in for free you don't even know buddy greco is now great lounge singer he's at the gay fivemember seem in vegas nobody would let it man i had my little lester brown pass yet in and they wouldn't let two minutes left buddy greco they wouldn't let him in and i said yeo this is in byebye got plenty greco is you know won that game who never gets credit for winning that game woah well jerry rice was great tailormade the touchdown pass montana threw it uh much go as michael carter mike carter line the no guard lined up cockeyed on the nose on peeve remington the former cornhuskers and started shouting the kayden says the bengals were going forward and they fumbled the snap the fumbled snap made them kicked the field goal if they if they score the touchdown the games over the kicked the field goal the niners at a chance we all know how it ended michael carter big number ninety shouting out boomer asya since cadence 'cause remington to fumble the snapface eyes and on the crucial third downplay which made it a field goal and then necci opened the door from montana and we all know any cadence that friction cheating doors words from cargo tell michael carter well come within a couple more years yeah exactly what he in its share all right we will come back steve wise fell network latest on now the raiders situation garoppolo and all that business on these sports later for first time for traffic from the chilton auto body traffic death new reported on the chaplain great eastbound 580 east of eden canyon looks like it's in the second lane from the right it is.

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Eden Canyon, Chilton, Raiders discussed on Gary and Larry

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