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Everything you say it's like a religion and as of this movie out world has won nine in a row thanks to its forearmed champion fighter goro one more and out world emperor xiaokang will be free to conquer he has sent his source or shang sung to oversee the tournaments and ensure victory but the lightning god raden played by christopher lambert is rooting for the humans and fighting on behalf of earth are lou king played by robin show a fallen shaolin monk who is fighting not to save earth he doesn't believe in that mumbo jumbo but he wants revenge on xiaokang for the death of kings rather see that brings you right back in right stewart he doesn't like the mythology yeah it's a family drama simple like an indie film really then there's action star johnny cage played by linden ashby who's come to the tournament to prove he is truly a great fighter and not reliant on hollywood special effects stunt doubles in this film linden ashby did not have a stunt double third is sonya blade played by bridgette wilson who did have a stunt double she's a special forces officer who's tricked into coming to the tournaments in order to apres hand kane oh a crime lord who killed blades partner and then there's arlene a guy who's here just to be killed he's not even that good a fighter billy blanks take his ass depp in one on one tournaments the heroes fight and take down enemies such a scorpion sub zero and k no and lucane gets assistance from an unexpected source out world princess catanha but when goro kills art it seems like all hope is lost is that a metaphor is the.

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