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Eight hundred is we do roll long, but even coaching for how long now I'm into my sixth year. Yeah, it's crazy to think about, but I spent a year at Coronado, and I've been Laura Bush middle school the last five years, which means I get to work pretty closely with Lubbock Cooper high school. Yeah. And are your coach on staff with the with the high school team? Not no, I'm primarily my responsibilities are with Laura Bush and then. The football staff at Lubbock Cooper, who you lead, dodgeball, Laura. Bush pretty much, and then you go work with coaching staff at Lubbock Cooper high. That's probably the fun Florida in Lubbock Cooper, go. I'll we made it to the state quarterfinals this year man, yet furthest they've ever incenting in five and his father small five right now. Yeah. You know, they small three whenever you know, back in eighty two back when a rousing is. Yeah. It was just how how I left it on seven, but that's not the same anymore, but you have thirteen win season. I was the most wins in school history in eighty two years of school history. So it was pretty historic ear. Yeah. Really proud of those. Oh, good. I coached PO as we go along you'll you'll begin to understand why we have coach PO on the program is we roll along illicit. We got this new studio got some questions about this. And I've just texted. Daniel the digital guru who works for other side at Texas to call in about I guess ten minutes. Give us a report on the new studio that we've got for you guys putting together a new studio. We're going to be doing some Facebook lives. We're going to be doing all the interesting content on new really expensive equipment and glad that you've made that a possibility for us to go buy that expensive equipment as well. You know, I was thinking today about prairie populism as always do and yell. We're gonna some coach news coming up where I got some new stories we need to discuss. Okay. We'll get into those as well. But no, I got an Email from our friends Steve Arete, and this what makes me I cannot conform. One hundred percent either part. I honestly. A more line with the Republican platform, but I can understand why our ancestors weren't. Yeah. If I can say it that way. But also on the the democratic platform in I've got to get somebody in from the Lubbock county Democratic Party, tell me what's going on that. Now, the party's just gonna go left when if they went more towards the center, they might pick up a few more votes, especially within our age demographic and younger if you just eased up on all the identity groups in to stuck up for the middle class. I think you might have a better hearing. Yeah. I I mean, I think actually Kanda did what you said you were gonna do in just follow through with it. And maybe maybe pump the brakes a little bit on the crazy stuff. That's right. And then maybe represent the middle class. Maybe that should be like, your platinum and that base in. And then attach different groups to that. There's certainly a lot of votes coming out of that group. Yeah. Votes coming up in my the way, I really do believe. I'm going to get back to to my friends Email, but I really do believe that there were Rourke would be the strongest antidote to Donald Trump. And that's for somebody who voted for Donald Trump in the primary, and the general, but I could for see a scenario where better Rourke rolls his eyes at Donald Trump in a lot of America resonates with that is he's like the I mean, I don't want to downplay them or anything like that. But he's like the new boy band that came along that everybody falls in love with and that he's there, and it's like they enjoy somewhere between boy band and JFK, I guess so and and I think that appears to be pretty genuine and what he's saying. And makes no qualms about skeletons in his closet and. Yeah, which and that's why I say, I think he may be the strongest in the field because I see Hooghly on Castro..

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