Congress, Bernie Sanders, Capitol Hill discussed on Derek Hunter


That uh but an any in any case you've got you've got a pressure being put on congress to get this done and it starts with with guys like bernie sanders who had who had this to say airline felt sorry sarah huckabee sanders where this to say life figures in this country who are who were sort of living on him the needles not knowing what their faith hey isn't and has in store for them what is this white house his message that population if not think that they should storm capitol hill in protests there because that is the place that has held up this discussion democrats or the one that shut this discussion down by forcing a government shutdown by being unwilling to fund the government we lost four days over this process of the conversation that should have been focused on immigration reform fighting over the cr well listen airport you for being fair here therefore being fair uh there was a conversation there was a conversation started uh just about actually two weeks ago today where the president convened this this meeting is very public meeting of democrats and republicans in which you it was very clear that there was there was discussion to be had the president wanted to go she eishin then a couple of days later there was this report about the president's comments the unfortunate phrase that he may or may not have used in family again tunnel yang whereas that story nobody knows nobody cares it's in the past but the point is that incident derailed all of the discussion until that point it it there is no two ways about it a completely it completely derailed a now it did create a whole new environment which sort of led to both sides getting balkanised leading up to the vote later on that week but but the reality is there was that there was a fair amount of derailment there may be just may be the shutdown allowed four a cleansing breath it was a you could say sticking your finger up and and and does seeing the way the wind is blowing maybe just maybe the democrats needed to do this or or we all need to have the democrats do this in order for them to understand their position on immigration a little better sanders also said this has responded offers senator schumer long dishes aimed at.

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