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Higher in a single postseason. They got LeBron James and Dwyane Wade Butler's teammate Duncan Roberts. He's really been huge for us, and it's just Ah, luxury to play with a guy like that. Who does so much that doesn't show up in a box for just to help the team win. Tim Legler. Why, in what is different about Jimmy Butler in the clutch? Yeah, He's an amazing player because he is so he could go 68 minutes sometimes of court time and never really be worried about getting a shot. Very few star players that I've ever been around are covered. Had ever acted that way. But you go three minutes without a shot, and you're an all star. You got your thinking like, okay, It's my trying to get one up, throw not just a mentality of great scorers. Devoted to think that way, and I think as a result, he has so much trust in his teammates. Today, they have an incredible amount of confidence. In some cases. It's almost unjustifiably level of confidence that some of those guys play with, and I think it's because Of the way he carries himself. Trust you guys. I'll be here when its time and we need to have an answer here at the end, And so it's been amazing that you know what a night when a guy takes seven shots going into the fourth quarter. That he could have an impact because, you know, Hey, maybe I could be there going to that. Well, you're not loose. You're not rhythm. You haven't had a lot of touches. You haven't taken shots. How do you know you're going to answer the bell? And yet seemingly he finds a way to do it, And I thought a game too. The contributions defensively, we're actually every bit as good as what he did offensively in those last 56 minutes, So he's an amazing player in that way. The most patient Big time go to clutch player. I think that I have witnessed in recent times with the way he measures himself and takes his time. It doesn't worry about getting shot and just goes with the flow. But then if he has to answer the bell, he seems like he does it every time. The other side of the coin is Butler's got a lot of very good, ancillary role players. I'm looking guys like Goran Dragic's Tyler hero, Duncan Robinson, if all three are going to probably not going to beat the Miami heat that night. Two out of three or going, it's going to be a struggle to beat the Miami Heat legs. How do you stop? Two of those three guys other than follow trouble? Yeah, it's look don't around, has been pretty quiet most of the postseason. He got loose the other night. They had some late situations where they were not paying attention to him and getting on his hip. And you turn your head for a second. He's on the move constantly. 86 8, But you get there late. He's going to get it off. Gotta quickly leave, and I thought they lost contact with him in the first half, And now you let him into the series. He wasn't really Ah, factor to that point. So he means the one guy. Probably the easiest to make sure if you want to target someone stuck in Robinson, you give no help responsibility. You get on his hip. You chase him everywhere. You don't turn your head to follow the basketball away from you, because that's when he moves relocates and he gets space and he's going. He's going to come a problem. So I think he's the guy that you can really kind of target. Take out of the news. Gord Rocket just tough because you get so many ball screens. He handles the ball so much. I know you're going to make the stakes all coverage is our pick and roll and he's always got the ball in transition, so he's going to get his opportunities that that's a tougher one. In some ways, you just got to hope that he's taken tough shots, and he has a Off shooting night, A Tyler hero has emerged as a guy that can really handle the basketball get anywhere on the court and again, that confidence level belies someone his age. Shouldn't be this confident this situation. But he has now emerged as another go through players. I think the two guys you can really focus on would be Duncan Robinson, Ajay Crowder, because primarily everything they get is going to be a catch and shoot three. And if you're Brad Stevens, you've got to take something away. If that means dragging Butler and hero get more opportunities off the dribble, So be it. If you could take away that, you know 18 to 24 points or given up between Doug Robinson a crowd on the three point line. You've got to try to limit that. Yes, begin MBA analyst Tim Legler catch him on SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt. The night is done. That'll do it for also mea countdown up Next, we tip it off Game three Celtics in the Heat. This is the Eastern Conference finals on ESPN Radio ESPN. You get a whole lot of something with farmers Policy perks so much I'm gonna have to speed things up. You could get a new car replacement car is totaled. Farmers will pay to replace it with a new one of the same make about like reuniting with an.

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