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It's insane we get we will or we lose like yo like honestly yankee fans are so god damn spoiled and this usually pisses me off. But we're does event inoue's lose at this point but like we're still gonna finish ninety wins this year and like using season in twenty five years and the last one we had. It was like two games and like so. It's like yeah. We could be better. But like i don't know i don't know if it's boone's fold at this point with the all the analytics. He's made some very questionable decision. So the lesson we what we feel like three or four wild pitches lose the game. Like that's not boone's fold but that's a loss you take him out after the third wild pitch like. Hey maybe this guy doesn't have it but you're also professional pitcher. You always got to this point. It's been they've been so inconsistent. Underperforming i'm a proponent of not always scapegoating the manager but i think the yankees are of shakeup they really are and it starts with cashman. And if you get rid of catherine you gotta get rid of boone. 'cause cashman brought him in bringing theo epstein right. Thanks for everything you've done. Yeah nausea gan. Please give me one season of ozzy because he gained in new york. When he's looking. Bobby valentine god no fuck back. I the first thing he says. It's become after becoming the red sox managers derek jeter's overrated and it's like how we came back into the dugout that one time when a fake moustache inject the two funniest things that's ever happened in baseball. Game is that and manny ramirez. Cutting off the cutoff man tiring play. This is the first time he's ever made a diving. Catch gimme that real quick. Speed this off this question. Here from george sutcliffe good question best performance in a tarantino film. His choice is samuel jackson in orlando. That's that's a hot take for a lot of people and as great as crystal waltzes. And as good as leo is i think. Samuel jackson may be the best performance in that movie. I output behind them anytime. He was on screen still. He's great in that so many good performances in that movie trying to think back to like all the good performances. You really can't nail down one in that movie. Christopher watson inglorious bastards that might be the best john travolta in school every moon..

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