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NFL teams failed to make the, top fifty, Arizona votes, the candidates for Senator Jeff flake soon to. Open seat, are pouring big bucks into the race but that doesn't mean they'll be successful valley political experts stand. Barnes with copper state consulting group tells KTAR that money used to equal victory but things have changed because social. Media has changed voter behavior and social media is not near as. Expensive as traditional direct mail television and radio buys another factor Barnes says a certain activism among even regular voters in the Trump era. That's never been seen before the twelve boys of their soccer Coach rescued from a flooded cave in northern Thailand have left the hospital Alder said to be doing well at a, news conference earlier today the boys hugged and thanked their doctors voice lost on, average nine pounds in the cave but each has gained roughly six pounds back half the boys announcing they want to be. Navy seals when they grow up, the other half. Professional soccer players they all apologize to their parents forever. Going to the cave in the first place that's ABC's James Longman well, if you don't think tweets that you made. Several years ago might still affect you now you might wanna, think about and talk to Josh Hader the. Milwaukee Brewers pitcher will be required to go through sensitivity training after racist tweets that he sent, out in two thousand eleven surfaced last night while he was pitching in the major league baseball all-star game he learned of the, situation as soon as. He came out of the game and as apologized for what he wrote all those years ago this Chicago CVS store manager who was fired for Accepting a black woman's coupon is pulling out of his political race for Chicago, city council prior to Friday's incident is wearing green Tell them I'll be here when she they arrive Laurie Mattson was, running as an independent candidate for alderman in Chicago's forty eighth ward claiming on his campaign. Website that. He was a Trump delegate though the Illinois. Republican party says he was not a delegate to the Republican. National convention that's, it also a chapter president of the log, cabin Republicans have Illinois. His name no longer on the chapters, website now he says he's withdrawing from his race for Chicago city alderman, citing health, problems, he says he suffered a brain seizure and may that required surgery preventing him from continuing. His campaign Ryan burrow ABC news Chicago We're. Coming up on twelve oh seven with traffic every six minutes. Here's Larry Lewis, live from the valley Chevy dealers traffic center. Well Bob we've got..

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