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More evacuations. Fire managers will use Tuesday's cold and snow to reassess reassess strategy especially as it relates to the Estes Park area. In case, the fire makes a run at the eastern gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park again. According to the Tuesday incident report now over the weekend and we talked about this yesterday as well. The park added Old Fall River and trail ridge roads to closures that were already in place for the remote not section of the park Monday saw fire make extreme crown and wind-driven runs and long and short spotting according to the incident report. This activity was announced along the South Rim of the Canyon Colorado Parks and Wildlife S- fish hatchery the north side of Colorado highway fourteen near Boston peak, as well as the monument gulch panic pass and upper fish creek areas to combat that volatility fire managers ordered an additional fifty insurance for structure protection. Groups. The fire has now reached the twenty twelve high park fire footprints on West White Pine near Penick. Pass road this larimer county road forty, four H., the high park fire was previously the countries are excuse me the county's largest fire at eighty seven, thousand two, hundred, fifty acres again, according to the Incident Command report Monday night mapping of fires showed its acreage at one hundred and two, thousand, five, hundred, ninety, six with just four percent containment. Few Mandatory evacuations as you've heard in our news were downgraded to voluntary on Monday. Those are for. Crystal Lakes Red Feather Lakes Lady Moon Red Feather Highlands glacier view meadows, all filings, the areas south of Colorado Highway Thirteen on county road twenty, seven from stove prairie landing south to county road forty, four, H. including Stratton Park. Other evacuations have also been lifted for Colorado highway fourteen from Stowe pray landing to Gateway Park County Road Fifty Two e this is Wrist Canyon road including Davis Ranch Road and rail rock. Road East to county road. Twenty. Seven. And County Road Twenty seven south from county road forty, four H. South to Mason Ville and east to include a buckskin heights now. County is working to get damage assessment teams into the burn area to determine damage to structures this according to Lamma County Sheriff Justin Smith in a post on facebook Tuesday on Monday nights. Smith said he had confirmed damage to structures in the monument Gulch area been in his facebook post. He said, even fire crews were unable to get into that area due to dangerous conditions we will. Assess throughout the day I don't expect that information to be available anytime today Lamoure, County Sheriff Justin Smith wrote Tuesday in that facebook post he said Monday that some structures near Rustic may have also been damaged information on structures in the Canon Canyon will come. He said, but he wants to be careful that we don't get ahead of ourselves in the Canyon and release inaccurate information. Six fifteen now thirteen ten, kfi thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com this time check sponsored by the Candlelight Dinner playhouse where.

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