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It could be like just personal fear of mine of. You know. Just knowing that I feel like the majority of people like were able to date in high school and college and kind of like figure out like who they wanted out of a partner like what certain characteristics they're attracted to, and I feel like that's scary for someone like me because I've never had that and it's scary to jump into a relationship now because. You know most of my friends are saying it's kind of like a good thing that I've waited. So long to date in my mind might not be because they you know the person I'm actually meant to be with my come next but then in the back of my mind, I might be like why should still test the waters and data around and kind of like really see like. Who I WANNA be with. So you're actually kind of creating a scenario that hasn't yet happened I. Guys that like my own self fulfilling. Well just remember you're the guy that chose career in education over relationships. So even though some of those people around you were, you know figuring it out and they knew what they wanted and what they didn't want and they were dating somebody you were intentionally not choosing somebody because you have this vision this dream you wanted to go to college you want to. Focus on your work, you wanted to get L. A.. So it's not that you couldn't. It's just you chose not to but that was back down because now recently I have banned I really have been trying to like put myself out there and go on dates. Okay. So for how long do you think just since you been quote unquote putting yourself out there. For five years okay. If I were to tell you that most of these lasting relationships are happening with people in their thirties. You believe me the fact that you've been spending your time developing your life and your foundation and who you are, and then you meet somebody makes you.

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