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Miss Cole is a New York based licensed psychotherapist, relationship expert, and founder of real love revolution. She has been an expert therapist on a and E's monster in laws, the Lisa Oz show, and Real Housewives, and we are very pleased to welcome her to our show today. Well, hello. Thanks for having me. Today we're going to be discussing boundary setting for women with emphasis on social media boundaries. Miss Cole, can you tell our listeners why the focus specifically on women do women need different resources or advice or help and handling boundaries? Oh, yes. Really specifically because men and women in a traditional sense or socialize very differently as women, we're really raised and praised to be self abandoning codependent. This lack of is really important skill set because no one really teaches us how to do it, how to talk true to speak up. Most women, we are really taught to prioritize feelings, thoughts and desires of others over ourselves. And I don't really feel like men are raised the same way. At least not in my therapeutic experience. Obviously, I'm not a therapist, but I can see where ignoring our own needs and allowing people to move in on your territory would cause problems that seems, well, frankly, just intuitive to me that if you're not paying attention to your own needs and nobody else is paying attention to your needs, that you're not going to be able to live your best life. With that in mind, what exactly is a boundary? Well, the way that I teach it is that you having healthy boundaries, anyone having healthy boundaries. And just to back it up for one step. This is not to say that men don't struggle with this. Because I know plenty that do. It's just.

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