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The Georgia phone call Yes More paper Sorry More perfect than my Ukraine call That's what he actually said yesterday This was even more perfect It is exactly like the Ukraine It's like he runs the stupidest football coach before he runs the exact same play every time No take it right up the middle They'll never see that coming Yes they will You just did at the last 6 times Go right up the middle They'll never know It's a curve ball I mean seriously right Just even down to our DoJ Just say you're investigating Yeah My Republican House you know friends will take it from there Oh my God Same exact thing he said to Ukraine Just say you're investigating Oh my God Okay I don't They're about a crime Are there any other Okay Well I'm happy that they're bad at court No Too I'm not complaining about it It makes it more fun for us really Do I have to be the human spoiler alert in this country My friend Rob Reiner I mean by the way I sent the clip of the fact that they're actually eating dirt to cure coronaviruses They are literally eating the sand because they don't know the government I'm sure rob enjoyed that Yes I knew if I played that clip at least a million times people would finally get it Because magaz are literally eating the sand because they don't know the difference And now Rob Reiner tweets fine Giuliani hatch the fake electors plan And whose behest answer Donald Trump indict the MFR He ordered the code My point is rob have I mentioned not only are they Damn right I did I think we have God sakes He ordered the code red The most number of Rob Reiner movie quotes out of any director Because Rob Reiner's the only director is my personal friend and does not charge me That's why and also they happen to be great movies that are very Apropos Everything we talk about I'm surprised we don't have anything from misery in there Oh we do Do we Do we have cocker duty cards I think we always say Kaka duty car We got your man No No we don't have mister man either Dirty bird No Okay We have nothing from misery Rob Let's go here No that's our fault Since it sounds like Do you know how often I use rodents of unusual size I don't believe it I don't think we even have that What did I just say yesterday about aron I don't think that I don't think mild means what you think it means No I think that means what you're thinking is Okay I have Zoey if you want it now It's restarted What's the most important thing Timing I know but it wasn't comedy It's not really common Let's just do it now I think it's funny Obviously I wouldn't have had the direct testimony of general Kellogg about what he heard the former president say to the former vice president We would like to talk to miss Trump about that But we have direct testimony that miss Trump went in multiple times At least twice maybe more to her father I believe she was alone with him to ask him to call off the violence We'd like to talk to her about that Yes think of it as all part of your.

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