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From former coast to coast host. Dave Schrader Dave is at the. Hospital in Saint Paul Minnesota Minneapolis Rather. With his daughter at this very moment she is suffering from serious complications from type one. Diabetes he's, been told the next twelve hours are critical, so please Send your prayers and angels. To Dave and his daughter Ripley they really need. You now You know, when it comes to anniversaries I'm the guy that is. Either too late or too early and. We're going to commemorate to anniversaries tonight, this morning the first one is several weeks late the other is a, few weeks, early but both deserve serious. Discussion back in late June of nineteen eighty eight Lee county. South Carolina seventeen year old local Christopher Davis claimed his car was. Damaged by a creature he, described as green, Westlake about seven feet tall had three fingers red is skin. Lak- lizard snake like scales Coverage by newspapers and, media resulted in increased attention for his claims local businesses. Began selling lizard man t-shirts and the. Local chamber of commerce encourage the media, attention as good for the community the increase in newspaper and media publicity, prompted further, reports of sightings and the. Area soon became a tourist attraction for visitors and hunters local. Radio station w. c. o. s. offered a one million dollar reward. To anybody who could capture, the creature alive An August fifth of that year Kenneth or an airman stationed at Shaw air force base filed a police. Report alleging that he had encountered the lizard man on highway fifteen and he had shot and wounded it he presented several scales in, a, small quantity of blood. Is, evidence or recanted his account two days later when he was arraigned for unlawfully carrying a pistol and a misdemeanor offense of filing a false police report according to or you'd hoax deciding in order. To keep a story about the, lizard, man in circulation reports of the, creature gradually declined at the end of the summer. Local law enforcement officials speculated the sightings were likely to have been caused by a bear oh come on a bear well a little. More than thirty years after the first lizard man's citing crypto investigator Lyle Blackburn is here to give us the low Down on the lizard man Now on this next, one I'm a bit early but no matter, in a. Couple of weeks August sixteenth do? You remember where you were will Mark the forty first anniversary, of the death of Elvis Presley the king of rock. And roll now not, long after the king's death we suddenly became obsessed with the possibility that e somehow managed to fake his own demise His bloated, corpse was. Found face down in the shade? Carpeting of his bathroom at Graceland we're told it couldn't have, been him Elvis must have been part of a federal. Witness protection program of, course Elvis sightings flipping burgers at Burger King in Kalamazoo became the punchline and countless jokes But my guest in the final three. Hours says it's high time we quit pretending Elvis faked his. Death let's, stop, this, nonsense he's not alive it's high time, we start looking for his killer Stephen you Benei the author of who murdered Elvis the true story they don't want you to know he's blown the lid, off the murder. And, says the city of Memphis itself does not care to, know the truth about the death of its most famous citizen will walk you through all, the, evidence, in, hours, two three and four now the. Bumper music for the entire night. Is of, course Elvis pillar to post except for the last song from the patron Saint of late night radio miss Kim Kearns hope you enjoy the mix tape I've put together for you tonight this morning. My, all time favorite Elvis, socks, in the summer of nineteen eighty. Eight and terrifying. Creature began haunting the woods. And little towns of league, anti South Carolina crypto investigator Lyle Blackburn joint joins, me next come. On in, weary traveler hang your cloak. On a pig grab. A stool come. Gather round the. Fire there are stories to be He, told, and you are among France I'm. Richard Sarah this. Is coast to coast AM. Why don't you stay awhile Tired of the same old same old. On cable news well you can find some relief it's, called Newsmax TV it's. America's fastest growing news channel in. America it's now in fifty million cable homes on direct TV. Dish files and Uber's I, watch it all the time I like it Newsmax, TV not, only gives. Me the stuff the big media doesn't report but I find out, the latest.

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