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It's a cameras with the busy intersection in south west Walker road and cedar hills boulevard officer, Jeremy Shaw with Beaverton police says they hope the cameras will change drivers habits. I mean, if you do get a speeding ticket just about anywhere. Whether it's from a red light or speed enforcement camera or from a police officer, just like myself, we hope that that in the end changes your behavior. These city is expected to put up three more speed cameras. Boorda mayor ten winter says the violence ring demonstrations has gotten out of hand, and he's proposing a new ordinance it'll give police more authority to control demonstrations. Introducing an ordinance to enact reasonable content neutral time place and manner regulations for demonstrations held in Portland says there needs to be a balance between expressing freedom of speech and demonstrations to get out of control, you'll work with police prosecutors and city leaders to develop the ordinance Portland city Commissioner khloe you daily those says he's concerned about leaders proposal. She says there needs to be a strategy to prevent groups from spreading fear and provoking violence. She blames far right extreme. Jamieson hate groups for the problem. However last weekend. Witnesses say antiques sparked the violence, you dailies has the ordinance will need public input before it goes before city council for a vote if you're not getting your DNA tested because you wanna keep it private ABC. Sherry Preston reports. Your relatives could cost your problems for at least fifteen million people have already taken a cheek swab Eleven and ninety sent a sample of their DNA too. At now home testing than us. services. You may not be one of them. But someone in your family Good afternoon. may have I'm done brand it. And that our means town the chances story of police you are being investigating linked up what with they're cutting a distant us suspicious cousin are death pretty in good. northeast Portland. Scientists Police say say that a so man many was stabbed Americans this are morning of European descent. on a bike There's about path a sixty near percent one hundred chance twenty second of you and being CISCO's identified street by when searching officers arrived, those websites, they found the man even deceased if you don't want to be found. medical examiner I say will it's conducted sort of like on peeling topsy back to the determine layers the of an cause onion and manner the chances of death of a link and become the man's greater identity. the further. Back A you desperate go, search continues Cheri for Preston. a missing ABC thirteen year news old girl big gains after on her Wall parents Street were today. found Dow's dead, up and four their hundred Wisconsin seventy home, one Barron points, county NASDAQ sheriff Chris is up one FitzGerald, eighty eight pleading s and with the p's public up to fifty come forward three. with.

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