Suspect arrested for fracturing man's skull with a pipe in NYC subway attack


Team after a bar fight maybe he got in a fight at the same bar is the women brian leeches wife a panhandler breaks a man's skull with a metal pipe aboard a manhattan subway did you see the video the guy crushing the guy's skull in with a metal pipe i did not it was awesome and they caught the guy they got him obviously on film attacking this man and crushing his skull open fractured skull and they arrested a guy he's now going to prison for a lengthy stay we'll he'll get very good at calisthenics such as bending over new orleans family has their son's body displayed in front of the television that is way playing video games and eating a bag of doritos mind you he's dead but he's sitting in front of the tv playing video games in his wake that's his way can talk about an open casket they got this guy sitting out in the room remainder read of last i mean what you gotta do what the kid wants the ball takes an eight inch johnke out of a one eyed matadors skull so it turns out that the matador had one i was really had nothing to do with the story until a ball took an eight inch chunk out of his face so now he has an eight inch chunk in his brain missing and he also has one i but that happened with another incident i'm sure the bull made it a running of the bulls he lost the rest of his face chickfila tops us has we'd restaurants in customer satisfaction according to a study chickfila number one carver high can you believe that the rockets are trying desperately to sign mellow it looks as though they're the front runners for carmelo anthony's miserable services the clippers agreed on when you're deal with luke mahmoud that's opening the door for that's why he left the rockets and now they want mellow by the way kevin knox has looked amazing for the knicks in summer camp on this date in two thousand ten the miami big three were introduced with bosch wade and lebron let me get these guys on rich in toronto real quick morning scotty how're you doing hey look thanks brother you're the man you got it all the women the show the crew with the whole nine yards man to man don't start with me you know you're the man for for your wouldn't be talking to you on the line that's true so what did you say about the rapper's i heard about quiet leonard and the rappers is it true yeah that's what we're talking about carbohydrates thought maybe if i can get an opinion from all three you guys appreciate it i think i still have a feeling that they're not i mean they're not gonna trade him east i did they're gonna trade him he's now last why would they and i think it's weird because if it's toronto that might very well put them over the top 'cause they can never win in the playoffs as it is and the other thing is about why is that he's going to be playing on that national team guests to the coaches popovich how weird is that real quick guys what do you think carver high mafia we got under a minute i don't see him in toronto no way you go george in maryland you're on cbs sports radio parral i wanted to ask you what you think about aaron judge and john cale and raise yankees like putting another like the twenty eighth trophy in iraq well we'll see they got a lot of work to do i think they had a.

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