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Stay off the internet at away from kids prosecutors say the man had more than six hundred images of kids he allegedly sent child pornography from a personal computer andrew mollenbeck kfi news metro has put out a plan that might make you wanna sit down actually that's the purpose the agency says it's going to change them fabric seat covers to vinyl ones i think that would help at least you you can wipe it down easier that way in the germs don't is not as intense as it is with the cloth i'm sorry i should have warned you if you're eating breakfast that was kinda gross lots of writers complain about the gross liquids and the germs that soak into fabric seat covers you the makeover will start on the red and purple lines a streetcar project from santa anna to garden grove will cost one hundred million dollars more than projected anaheim's mayor tom tate says he's voted against the now four hundred million dollar project from the start maybe you'll get a few more riders than you would have bus system but hardly worth a massive cost and i think you know these things actually make congestion worse by taking up a lane however santa ana mayor santa anna's mayor miguel pollino says he voted to approve the increase because it's still on the budget he says streetcars are an environment environmentally friendly and add value to the community we're keeping an eye on atlantic hurricane chris could send heavy surf and dangerous rip currents to the us by this morning hurricane chris was about three hundred miles off of north carolina it's expected to weaken before hitting canada but choppy seas might make their way to the east coast all right spoiler alerts this is for the world cup spoiler alert if you're somebody recording it don't listen for a second the two thousand eighteen soccer world cup is almost down to to england in croatia will face off this morning for the chance to fight france for the world cup the final game is set for sunday the last time france when the cup was nine hundred ninety eight england hasn't won since the sixties and croatia would be a first time champ magic johnson says he's excited about his new lakers team i'll bet he is he talked with spectrum sports net days after lebron james signed a four year contract and after signing players like genre ndo land stevenson and javale mcgee they love to compete they love the win they loved to sweat and that's what we got we got everything road in one who brown right.

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