Facebook expands Menlo Park headquarters


And out of Facebook where it is investing in more real estate in the bay area as the Menlo Park company plans to double its workforce over the next decade. KCBS is Carrie Hodousek tells us Facebook has signed a number of new lease agreements social media giant Facebook plans to lease office spaces, and San Francisco Sunnyvale and Fremont to make room for thousands of workers in the coming years. It's much different than what the corporate culture was like years ago says university of Washington professor, Margaret O'Meara who studies the history of the Silicon Valley when the first high tech companies were growing there on the fifties and sixties it was mostly orchards. There was lots and lots of room to grow. But now the bay area entirely is more crowded and the valley is a lot more crowded. And there are a lot of high tech employees that wants to live in urban areas like San Francisco, and Oakland, she says the rapidly growing companies simply doesn't have the room for more employees at its corporate headquarters in Menlo Park. There now have not only. One product anymore. They're thinking about multiple things they're doing that. No way makes it more feasible to have different office locations. Facebook says they're not worried about filling its additional office space. Their concern is outgrowing the space that

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