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Edens confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee judge Brett cavenaugh or put on a very contentious note, we have in-depth team coverage. CBS news special report. Actress piper para Bo tweeted, she's among those arrested for civil disobedience at the ongoing Senate confirmation hearing, I supreme court nominee Brett cavenaugh, Vermont democrat, Pat, Lahey explained why some people are troubled by his nomination, your expansive view of executive power and executive immunity. You've taken the unorthodox position. The president should not be burdened with the criminal or civil investigation while in office cavenaugh has sat quietly during lengthy statements by judiciary committee members Utah Republican Orrin Hatch expects Cavanaugh to fill Anthony Kennedy seat, judge cavern. I'm proud of you. I know how good you are. I know you deserve this position. I'm proud of the president. For nominating. You, and frankly, I wish you the best because we're going to

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