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One hundred targets had been, arrested you know some of those people will be taken federally course but we. Do different things like that to make sure everybody can have an enjoyable last, Labor Day weekend seven, people were killed and thirty five others injured in shootings Nancy hardy for. CBS news Chicago WBZ news time three twenty a conservative Catholic. Diocese in Nebraska is facing a wave of, sex abuse allegations church leaders insisted for years they were doing nothing wrong and refuse to comply with annual audits enacted in the wake of the two pedophile priest scandal in Boston accusers have come Forward in recent weeks with. Allegations of abuse by clergy in Nebraska which could lead to, a criminal investigation critics say, the diocese of Lincoln Nebraska's now. Paying the price for its unwillingness to change as well as a lack of, transparency accused child rapist is. In custody in Brooklyn New York following a very public arrests angry mob yelling rapist as the NYPD cornered the suspect in a child. Rape in Brooklyn It was crazy the crowd screaming and yelling, get him get him the suspect in eighteen year old man is accused of raping an eleven year old girl after climbing. Through her bedroom window last week police able, to track, them down using surveillance video, the crowd, cheering as he was taken away in handcuffs everybody was happy giving high fives Cops they will. Happy that they got the eleven year old girl was taken to a hospital. In stable condition Montereau Veira ABC news New York WBZ. News time three Twenty-one alligator attacks are up in Florida, and now we're learning, what's behind the increase scientists at the university. Of north Florida say alligator attacks have been on the rise over. The past forty five years, used to, be, people would get bitten about six times a year now, that numbers risen to. Ten researchers are wondering why. So they looked at a whole, list, of, possible reasons, temperature rain the environment but, they've determined, none of that, is, responsible what is us humans as population and development of increased in Florida so to have alligator attacks wildlife officials say if you live near a body of water. In Florida there's, a good chance. There's a gator in there, you should, be aware. Of it Sherry Preston ABC news WBZ news time at three twenty two the romantic comedy crazy rich Asians is still doing. Crazy good, at the box office sets at the top for. The third straight week with estimates showing it could make. Another thirty million this holiday week Weekend just crazy rich told me the Prince William really Harry Following, Jumanji welcome to the, jungle Black Panther and avengers 0. War, crazy rich Asians is the fourth film this year to top the box, office three weekends in a. Row Oh it. Began more than half a century ago, and next weekend the Star Trek franchise will receive a big award National Academy of television arts and sciences plans to honor, star track during these September. Eighth creative arts ceremony the award will be presented to CBS television studios the. Show first produced by desolate ran for only. Three seasons on NBC starting in nineteen sixty six the franchise would eventually spun around seven hundred. TV episodes and thirteen big screen motion pictures does loop president Lucille ball greenlighted the. Series that she I thought was about an aspiring actress trying to. Make it in Hollywood that's, John Jeffreys reporting past, recipients of the governor's award include..

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