Flu season is coming. Is your family prepared?


Ninety near eighty in the mountains and deserts into the mid nineties not too much change as we head into your Wednesday. Then high pressure rebuilds over the area that means a warm up for the second part of the work week and into the weekend was on California's most accurate and dependable forecast. I'm CBS to meteorologist Danielle Gersh KNX ten seventy NewsRadio out sixty eight Pasadena sixty nine Lancaster this one against sixty six degrees. Seventeen Cal fire apparently has a pilot shortage and it's causing it to ground air tankers during the summer wildfire season. This is according to the Sacramento bee that says as many as six planes at a time, we're being affected because of staffing, they blame the shortage on a number of factors. We talked about staffing, including retirements private companies. Hiring Cal, fire pilots and the fires into lie. The kept pilots working nonstop the volcanic activity has he up on the big island of Hawaii. Hawaii volcanoes national park is on track to reopen several areas later this month after closing back in may because of the killer way of volcano eruption. The National Park Service is planning to reopen several trails roads and popular sites on September twenty second including the killer way of visitors center, the overlook at a stretch of the crater rim trail between volcano house and akilah way of military camp at the same time. Hawaii county officials say they need eight hundred million dollars to recover from the volcano disaster. Matt piper CBS news five eighteen can't actually gotten any emails or contact from European traditions office saying time to get the shot. I did doctors across the country encouraging patients or parents to take their kids in for flu shots. Get ready for the flu season. CBS news reporter, Laura Podesta says the American Academy of pediatrics recommends the shots over the nasal spray saying it has provided the best most consistent protection. Well, no vaccine offers one hundred percent protection. Dr Mahdavi Kapoor of NYU Langone health says symptoms can be less severe for people who get the shot. You're far less likely to have complications. And also be hospitalized. As a result of the flu so much better to have at least some protection than at all. Yeah. The last flu season ranked among the most severe on records. Former coastal your show star acting teacher, Geoffrey Owens responding to job shaming. He was outed as a trader Joe's cashiering some photos posted online then number stars look to us defense. But on ABC news this morning Owens worst to J badge with pride said, nobody should feel sorry for him. There's no job that's better than another job. It might pay better. It might have better benefits. It might look better on a resume and on paper. But it's not better every job is worthwhile. And valuable been working at trader Joe's for more than fifteen months up. Lamenting his income. It's an acting directing teacher says he feels he's more a celebrity now than when he was on the Cosby show Aretha Franklin's families upset over a eulogy given at her funeral. Where's the? Family. Members of Retha Franklin say, they believe the eulogy delivered. At her funeral was inappropriate calling. It distasteful. The eulogy was delivered. By the Reverend Jaspar Williams junior who described kids being in a home without a father as abortion after birth and said black lives do not matter unless black stop killing one another Franklin's family members say they expected a eulogy that concentrated on her life and legacy a spokesperson for Williams released a statement on Monday, saying he respects the families viewpoints. And that he's sorry. They feel that way. Ingrid Kelly four CBS news. Detroit's twenty. Well, if you're online video seem a little bit slower, it's not your imagination according to new research from north eastern university and the university of Massachusetts Amherst, the largest US telecom companies are slowing internet traffic to and from popular apps like Netflix and Amazon prime video. The researchers used a smartphone app called we heat attract the online speeds among US wireless carriers. Youtube is the top target of throttling. Now, car industry experts think we're gonna see a big jump in new car sales for August over last year's figures, but not necessarily because of a big boost in the momentum heading into the fall Cox automotive and Edmonds both agree if the numbers come out a lot higher than last August, it's likely because of hurricane Harvey which hurt August sales by about two percent. When it hit last year as far as Wall Street goes, oh, red arrows, s&p futures are down about four and a half points. Nasdaq down twenty down on the red now by seventy seven from the his Cox small business insurance money desk. I'm bloomberg. Steve. Potus KNX ten seventy NewsRadio five twenty one at KNX. And now the head of the state Democratic Party is saying forget that whole boycott thing of in and out. We'll tell you more in less than two minutes. It is five twenty one. We have in-depth team covers reporters covering more stories to Cal State LA Margaret Karan's now on the investigation KNX, ten seventy John. Thanks, more facts, Figaro IBM Santa Ana with striking news for southern California. Twenty four seven a story. This is next ten seventy NewsRadio. Depend on us. I'm Jay Farner, CEO of Quicken Loans. Buying a.

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