NBA is Taking A Stance Against Mental Health Stigma

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Turn our attention back to Jackie McMullan's five part series or mental health in the NBA in the final foam ejaculates the future mental health and efforts league is making racist stigma associated with seeking help. One part is particular struck me guys when Jackie writes about how players will open a helping other players, but here's who won't be the former all-star, whose mental health struggles remain unchecked and untreated his agent frets about his client has begged him to get help. But the player declines saying he can't bring himself to see himself as a bone person agent explains because it doesn't match up with the invincibility of the player that he wants was I don't care who it is, but just in general, that feeling of generation of guys that still aren't opening Danilo Ellie. What do you? How do you have to this is an especially to have battled for all professional athletes because. There is this mythology we build around and we do look at them as invincible invincible, and it's people who don't have own abilities. And so a lot of times they're playing to a persona and they're afraid to seek help, which puts them in a particularly grueling kind of prison. And then if you add on top of that, if they're man of color, because in this -ociety especially being a black man in particular, there's no safe-space. There's no way you can be vulnerable without facing some level of scrutiny or attack. And so you add all those factors and it just is really heartbreaking to see. That's why I'm so glad that so many players are now openly voicing the fact that they struggle with certain things. People in this country feel like if you have money, if you have fame, you have everything figured out. And a lot of times those things bring on more problems and more trauma and more tragedy than most people can possibly fathom or deal with.

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