US Senator John McCain, ex-POW and political maverick, dead at 81


Is pouring, into, the news of Senator. McCain's death President Trump With McCain tweeted my deepest sympathies in, respect, go, out, to, the, family of Senator John. McCain our hearts and prayers are with you Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell issued a statement saying today. Is a. Deeply sad day for. Our nation, and the Senate those closest to John McCain also have things to say tonight wife Cindy McCain tweeted my heart is broken I am so lucky to have lived, the adventure of loving this. Incredible man for thirty eight years thank you, thank you very much Rachel FOX's, Jared Halpern looks at his time as Senator in the Senate McCain. Had, a reputation as a maverick unafraid to join, Democrats like Russ Feingold, on, campaign finance law. Ted Kennedy on immigration reform in. Just days after a brain cancer diagnosis McCain returned to the Senate again calling on bipartisan cooperation for a replacement for. The Affordable Care Act otherwise we're going to see this continuous gridlock McCain then surprised colleagues voting no on, an ObamaCare Repeal amendment, stalling a Republican led effort. To overhaul the health care law on Capitol, Hill Jared Halpern Fox News Senator, McCain ran twice for president it is because I owe America more. Than, she has ever owed me that I am, a candidate for, president, of, the United States He lost the, Republican nomination in, two thousand to. George W Bush in, two thousand eight losing the, election to Barack Obama overreaction? Again coming from. Politicians, on both sides. Praising the person the war hero the Senator John McCain. Dead at eighty one

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