Bill Clinton and Smokey Robinson to speak at Aretha Franklin's funeral


Look President Bill Clinton will speak at the Queen, of souls funeral next Friday Aretha Franklin sang at both of Clinton's inaugural celebrations also, set to, speak longtime friend, smokey Robinson. Former US Attorney. Eric Holder judge Greg Mathis Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton Bishop TD Jakes governor, Rick Snyder mayor Mike Duggan and the list. Goes on Bishop Charles Ellis the third is pastor of greater grace temple where the funeral will, be held and he says. It'll be a long service it is absolutely amazing the, way these. Things have evolved you know but when you deal with, people who have been given much much has been required them and they have met those requirements in terms of being so, gracious To to to be a public, person trying. To live a private life and to accommodate people these, kind of services you can't put them in a box and you can't put them in one hour He's gotta is what it is and so just how long I think it's going to be. Right up there with Rosa Parks his funeral service and that was about six hours I, just don't see how you can This, person is is just huge you know. She's just, somebody that, the world loves everybody wants you know to know this to know that. Here this to the net and accommodate so he's going be what it's going to be in a laundry list of performers will, pay tribute to the, Queen, of soul, including, shock a, faith Hill's, Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson Fantasia Yolanda Adams Shirley Caesar the Clark sisters and Jennifer Hudson to name a few musical tributes from both. Gospel artists as well as secular artists all the songs will be gospel songs that that that that will be saying. A minute, them in celebration of her of course, her amazing grace album with revenue James Cleveland back in. The mid seventies that that album sold I don't know how many million millions and listen bad album is still continuing right now to this day. And probably, wanna have a great resurgence you know now that the Queen has made a transition and. He reminds everyone that the service is Is not open to the public it is private yes family and close friends and again they are continuing to evolve that list. And and waiting to get the final list once we get that finalist we'll we'll see what happens Pair four thousand. Real seats here agree resemble

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