Armie Hammer ‘Handed at Least a Peach or 2’ Every Night From ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Fans (Video)


It's recess. We're only halfway through the week and already there's been so much softcore treason at the highest levels of government. We may not be getting more ethical, but we are getting more efficient. Speaking of Watergate costs play. It's time for the entertainment news or as I like to call it. Your recess from the real news here we go share is making an entire album of Abba covers. Do you understand how jazz Diam for share to sing damn thing Queen to me every single day. Do you understand what an appreciable difference that will have on everything? One of my mornings. Thank you share. Thank you, Abba, and thank you to the sequined bell bottoms that I might order online in a share induced frenzy. It's not impulsive. If I wear them, you never know. I could get ask out to dinner by disco ball. I don't want to alarm you, but my vision board is working and. -ality is bending to my will, and I can tell because Tiffany haddish and rose Byrne are starring in a buddy comedy together. That's Tiffany haddish. The currently reigning Queen of comedy. We talk about the Elizabethan era and the Victorian era. This is the hood, Ashi an era, and then rose Byrne who is low key one of the funniest actors alive. Have you seen bridesmaids recently? Let's all watch it again. Don't go to work. Turn your car around. I'll get you a new job with the dark art of my vision board. Jessica Biel is closing her chocolate shop slash restaurants, slash daycare. What's that? You say you don't understand what any of that is me, neither. Let's explore it like Dora. So two years ago, Jessica Biel decided to start a business presumably because even though she is not strapped for cash, she wants something to pour her energy into, and I'm sure she needs a break from her husband, Justin Timberlake, because let's be real. He's kind of a lot. It occurs to her that sometimes adults with young children would like a moment to themselves to eat a chocolate in peace. So she opens a restaurant called, oh, fudge with a fancy daycare at tach where you can pay a nanny to watch your children while you eat Jessica Biel brand chocolates. It was called fudge and it's closing now, but in osage camp still exists, which I'm imagining as just a bunch of kids playing in that chocolate river from willy Wonka with Jessica Biel halfheartedly lifeguarding no splashing you guys. I was on seventh, heaven Armie hammer the actor whose face looks like his name sounds way to keep it on brand. Armie hammer says that fans of his movie called me by your name, keep giving him peaches to sign. So that's army hammers life. Now he stars in an Oscar nominated film, and now he has to spend every day wondering whether the peach he's been handed is. Filled with some random fans. DNA artist full of sacrifice today in fashion news. The fashion industry is reportedly becoming increasingly focused on speed as in rushing to meet a new demand as soon as it surfaces beta brand CEO, Chris Linlin says, quote, attention span is short. So if you can develop and create a short time, you can be a real product development machine and quote. That's cool. Chris, did you maybe hear what I said about sequent bell-bottoms before name your price? Money is no object as long as it's less than twenty dollars. I have the balloon Basang in my head now. So see you soon. Nightmares. Take care guys. I've Olympia heroin and I will catch you next time until then recess journ. The podcast you just heard was published with anchor, got something you want to say to the creator of the show, send them a voice message using the anchor app free for IOS and Android.

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