Turkish court rejects appeal to end US pastor's house arrest


Carter jury selection begins today in the. Trial of former Trump campaign chair. Paul metaphor in the Russia probe this had, been pushed back about a. Week but the day is today so we. Expect to see that in Virginia Paul Manafort will be having, his trial began on financial crimes not linked tacticians during his time working for the, Trump campaign, NBC news correspondent Halley Jackson meantime metaphor is set for a. Second criminal trial in Washington DC later this year President Trump says he would not rule. Out, meeting, with Iranian president Hassan well Honey talking. With reporters at the White House yesterday Trump said he. Wouldn't insist on preconditions for talks he also defended pulling the US out of the Iran nuclear cord, calling it a waste of paper. The largest wildfire burning in California the car fire continues to grow it scorched over, one hundred and three thousand acres and. It's only twenty three percent contained it's also the deadliest of the. Seventeen wildfires. Burning in the state the The car fire is claimed, six lives among those deaths are two firefighters and. A grandmother and two great grandchildren it's also, burned, over, eight, hundred. Homes in the, area as well as hundreds of other buildings Mark Mayfield reporting an. American pastor on house arrest in. Turkey is pushing for freedom Andrew brunson's lawyer, told Reuters Monday that Brunson. Is appealing to a Turkish courts release him. Lift his travel ban last week a Turkish court released Brunson, from jail and placed him on house arrest Branson has been jailed in Turkey for, nearly two, years for alleged terrorism and spying activity new survey finds that. American span an average of four hundred and fifty dollars on stuff each year while drunk. Rehab, facility, arch down recovery found that almost half. Of those surveyed said they'd about something while inebriated it's. No surprise that alcohol could have an impact on judgment about the best use of what's in your, Bank account the survey broken down. By what people were drinking at the time gender anchors send it to spend the, most well beer and whisky drinkers were. A bit more conservative you're listening to the latest from NBC News. Radio The best way to stimulate, your brain I'm not a conspiracy theorist my concern..

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