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At on. Monday good morning to you. Listening good, morning everybody in the. Studio Look at us here Sales all wagon. Raising a good mood let's go over to Morgan number two and see what's happening with. Twenty four year olds Lindsay Lohan landed an MTV reality show that set in Greece Excited about it her beach house yes it's called the low hand beach house, and it'll be all about the work staff and after. Hours. Kind of like Bravo's Vander roles. But in the Mediterranean, okay have a lot of questions here so first of all. Lindsay Lohan to get a reality shows piped-in years too late When she was going nutty that's when you wanna see the, reality of it to the news was, recently talking about? How she was demanding her? Staff. Where shoes that. Match or they get fired so, they're already creating. Storylines I can. See this year I didn't know that's what this was. Four hours was like why low him back in the? News. And then I don't know abandoned pump rules. Is or or yeah what's that Raimondo do you watch that show. Good all these kids young kids, work at sir restaurant Lisa Vander prompts she's the owner it's all bar life them living their lives in. LA what's the, down, under ship down under laws below deck yeah what's that one below doctor in the Mediterranean it's a, bunch of hardworking people on a, ship and they make. That's. How they make their money and. They make it all, during the summer when everybody wants to go to the Mediterranean It, reminds me just? To the show like everything's? So. Crazy you never. Know what was that crazy behind, the scenes until. You actually go. Into the ship and see where the captain says and. You're like wow so a lot of pressure do you? Feel. Like no people when they come into the. Studio and they see me running around they go oh wow you're. The you're the captain I'm like, a deckhand and I know how.

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