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Government activism they had a hard time squaring that with how that's helping me so yeah it was a pretty shitty place to be heading into an election in any midterm election of course it's common for the party and power to lose seats but tomorrow democrats could be looking at historic loss out project the republicans in the next congress will be the majority at the swath of red a sweep a just a bloodbath for the democrats in pennsylvania ohio indiana michigan and out through the west this is just the house of representatives hannah underestimate how much change in america is now colored red as head of the party it doesn't do well i've got a take responsibility for midterm elections are almost always pretty bad for the incumbent president's party still twenty ten was even worse than we imagined democratic turnout was low especially among young voters and republicans ran the table they won sixty three house seats the most a single election since nineteen thirty eight they won five senate seats and six hundred eighty state legislative seats giving republicans full control of twenty five state legislatures worst of all they won these seats in a census year which meant that republicans would get to gerrymander the shit out of congressional districts all over the country and basically lock in their house majority for years to come it was a brutal loss for us and since republicans were hell bent on obstructing even the most bipartisan policies from obama the new congress made it nearly impossible for the president to pass any big legislation on the economy or anything else politics after twenty ten felt more polarized and divided than ever before a big part of the opposition from the right was their usual big government coming to steal your freedom type stuff from the moment obama started running for president and especially from the moment he won there was also something else something that seems a lot more obvious from where.

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