Protests in southern Iraq to demand better services, jobs

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Barbara Klein, thousands of demonstrators have been marching an anti-trump demonstration in Edinburgh, Scotland, NPR's Allah's Fordham reports. Today's protest was held as the president played golf at a Trump resort on the country's west coast. Demonstrators marching through roads, close to the occasions that they were marching because they objected to Trump's immigration policies and to what they saw as sexism. Several said that they were worried that Trump along with right wing politicians in Europe was part of a reemergence of fascism and on Friday night, his golf course, which was heavily protected by police. A paraglider flew into the no fly zone over the resort with a Greenpeace protest banner. Alice, Fordham NPR news, borough President Trump is blaming former President Obama for not doing enough to stop Russian hacking of democratic targets in the 2016 election. Today's tweet comes after yesterday's indictment of twelve Russian military intelligence officers for hacking officials in Maryland, are asking for federal help in securing its election system. After learning that a Russian-backed firm owns the servers where the state stores voter, registration, and other. Election related information. Rachel bay of member station w. y. p. r. reports Maryland's contract with the local web hosting firm began in two thousand fourteen. The next year. The company was purchased by bite grid LLC whose largest investor is a Russian oligarch named Vladimir Potanin officials say, there are no signs of data breach still state Senate president. Mike Miller says they are taking every precaution to maintain voter confidence in the state's election system. At our door when they invest in our election process officials are looking into whether they can break the contract governor. Larry HOGAN has also asked the department of homeland security to help audit the data for NPR news. I'm Rachel bay protests in Iraq or spreading to more cities as they continue. I six day demonstrators are angry about a lack of jobs in public services. NPR's Jane Arraf reports Baghdad is intensifying security. Iraqi government has sent more security forces. So after protesters shut down the airport blocked roads and attacked the offices of political parties, protesters demanding jobs, electricity and other services shut down the international airport in the city of Natia Friday, a reopened again. But in airport officials said the demonstrators damaged, the passenger terminal, according to state TV, counterterrorism troops were deployed to the coastal city of Basra to protect oil and government facilities. The government also. Ordered internet providers to cut service to most of the country to keep protestors from organizing Jane Arraf, NPR news, Amman Jordan. This is NPR. The Israeli military says, it's carried out the biggest round of daytime, air strikes on Palestinian militant targets in Gaza since a war there four years ago as militants fire mortar bombs and rockets into Israel officials in Gaza, say to Palestinian teens were killed. Violent unrest continues today in Nicaragua months of clashes between pro government forces and protesters have left hundreds dead, Maria Martin reports a Civic Alliance today, orchestrated demonstrations in Nicaragua's capital on Thursday, the remarks throughout the country. Then on Friday, a national strike which nearly paralysed economic activity today an anti-government caravan is protesting in the capital. But while president or biggest said, there would be no more violence. His supporters attacks students sitting in at the National University in Managua late Friday meeting several. This young woman begged her mother to forgive her for protesting. I came to save my country. She said, press reports, say, the halo bullets was so heavy. It was hard to take it to the hospital. International groups are calling for an end to the violence for NPR news Amadiyah Martin, a small settlement on the west coast of Greenland is being threatened by three hundred thirty foot high iceberg that broke off from glacier. The iceberg has cracks and holes prompting fears. It'll break apart and causes soon NAMI if it does some residents near the shore of been told to evacuate to higher ground. I'm Barbara Klein, NPR news.

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