'Shock and Awe' now in theaters: A review


Cbs news special report the justice department has just announced indictments against twelve russian intelligence officers it says hacked into the democratic national committee and hillary clinton campaign computer networks in two thousand sixteen deputy attorney general rod rosenstein use a scheme known as spear phishing which involves sending misleading email messages and tricking the users into disclosing their passwords and security information cbs's paula reed the justice department is involved in a name and shame game day name names for these russian intelligence officers who specifically did what they were two units one work to steal information the other work to disseminate it in an effort to impact our elected president trump has repeatedly called the investigation a witch hunted fake news but these aren't the first indictments for this over twenty people and three businesses so while people have been critical of this sound even calling it a witch hunt there has been a pretty significant yield from this investigation news special report i'm peter king wcbs new news time twelve fifty one time now for the lions dan war planning group has been set up in the building where i work which building the one with five sites oh boy the new movie shock and awe is now in theaters directed by rob reiner we're live now with our critic jeffrey lyons for a review what did you think well rob underplays the life editor of the nightmare new services and they apparently were the only ones who questioned the run up to the war in iraq and tommy lee jones is one of the co stars and rob reiner also directed and opponents of that theory that that it was a they were all duped we'll call it just a bit of propaganda but it's a pretty exciting movie and james marston senate and a meal jovovich and woody harrelson was always interesting on screen so it's a good statement about how we were all duped are a lot of people were joked about getting into the war in iraq and the other big movie this week of course a skyscraper with dwayne johnson hanging from a building trying to rescue his family he'll never get out of it pat never never last movie it's to pack the theater and then eighth grade a wonderful movie of coming of age of kids in middle school starring elise fisher who gives a who gives advice on the internet every night but can't follow it in real life and it's a tender intelligent coming of age movie not for young kids not for perhaps not even for middle schoolers but parents should see it to get a good perspective on their their twitter okay well.

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