Flight loses cabin pressure, sending more than 30 to hospital, police say


The new test is designed to improve soldier physical readiness and reduce injuries the army says the new fitness test is gender and age neutral well there's good news about the coach young soccer players rescued from a flooded cave in thailand is making a strong recovery the public health minister giving an update on their progress saying they're gaining weight physically active and could be released as soon as thursday in a video the boys thanked people around the world for their concern and said there's no longer need to worry doctors are now focused on the mental health of the team warning them to limit media exposure to avoid ptsd symptoms the twelve boys in their soccer coach recovering well and they're eager to eat their favorite comfort foods after their expected discharged from the hospital this week the group has regained much of their weight of doctors are concerned the boys especially their coach may feel guilt or shame about what happened nearly three dozen airline passengers were hospitalized after their flight from ireland to croatia took a sudden plunge abc's janai norman speaks with some of the passengers about their harrowing experience air flight f r seventythree twelve apparently losing cabin pressure rapidly descending more than twenty eight thousand feet in less than ten minutes rocks and brownlee describe what it was like children crying and shouting mommy am i gonna die where oxygen masks on and the plane has just plummeting the flight making an emergency landing in frankfurt germany thirtythree passengers had to be hospitalized many people were treated for burst eardrums but no serious injuries were reported ryanair says it will pay for hotels for affected customers but there there is a shortage of accommodations we'll salem is sprucing up its witch trials memorial after some people have complained that it's starting to look shabby just one year after it was unveiled about a dozen young trees at the memorial for nineteen people who were hanged at proctor's legend sixteen ninety two have died and the area is overgrown with weeds city officials say they plan to replace the dead trees with one's better suited for the terrain a bill aimed at helping the state adapt to climate change while protecting natural resources and investing in.

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