CVS apologizes after white manager calls cops on black customer


Shooting he felt it was necessary to get the video out as quickly as possible to prove chicago police want to be as transparent as possible if we expect neighborhoods to partner with the police in the police have have to do our part to be transparent without adversely affecting the integrity of the investigation investigators say they recovered a gun and to amunition magazines johnson says you'll leave it up to the civilian office of police accountability to pass judgment on the officers actions that was cbs's jim gutis reporting wwe news time now eleven thirty six cvs health is red race to after a black customer says that a white store manager in chicago accused her of trying to use a phony coupon at one of its locations camilla hudson recorded her interaction with mori madsen and says that his left hand was shaking as he called police friday night no action was taken when officers arrive hudson claims manager never scant her manufacturer's coupon but did ask her to leave i feel very confident in saying that race possibly gender i don't know but issues that were not related to anything i said or did or any way i functioned in that space as a customer there were other issues at play cvs apologized to hudson wwe news time is eleven thirty seven we will check traffic and weather together next the feazel world cup on socks may be happening halfway around the world you're connected to it it's in your dna perhaps you've heard of the brilliance of rinaldo what part of your dna originated in portugal for maybe your dna.

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