The last Blockbuster – Alaska video shop closures leave one left in US – Ireland – Brinkwire


To you miss blockbuster do you remember those nights at blockbuster it's too bad blockbusters gone stick around we'll discuss its to seventeen jeff wagner wtmj nineteen jeff brantley wtmj you're just tuning in blockbuster video which was it was the place to be on weekends and it seems to me maybe not that long ago blockbuster video they only had the only at three locations left tour in anchorage alaska those two are closing and blockbuster video is now down to one store left it is in bend oregon four one four seven nine nine one six twenty judy o'connell in walla tosa hi judy how you doing blockbuster video gone who would have thought it was possible well it's been a while now but i just have to say my son's going up is in his thirty s but it was like the most fun hanging out at it could go in there go to the children's section people would be sharing like this is really a great movie i was just drama what do you think about this especially if you didn't get the first releases it could share with people about other movies that were and of course yeah you did raise they're trying to get the first thing to name on a waiting list and it was just a big of a yeah just go there and i don't know i just loved it and i was really sad i was really started when they left and then there was a little one what was the name of it it was on arthur avenue and it was great to fifty and dave loan denton personal ten.

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