Martin Truex Jr. brings the horsepower at Kentucky

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Line on the radio network with the latest news and opinion and here we go on the race line race rap thirtysecond honda indy toronto in a scorcher it was when everything came unglued though in lap thirty four when the leader joseph new garden got bogged down it off grew tire marbles new zealand's scott dixon shot up into the lead knee held it there for its third one of the season third in toronto simon panel second and podium third in his hometown race for robert wiggins how fine is this his oakville team may jeans hinge james hinchcliffe other fourth charlie kimball fifth montreal zach claim into mental good story here to started dead last twentythird scored fourteenth healthy weekend throng for the thirty second running of the streets of toronto for the indycar series just might be the best one we've seen in maybe twenty years i don't know what you think i've thought it was pretty good indycar points into middle high auto the toronto in just about doubles dixon's points lead he leads new by sixty two coming up in our guest segments detail rundown of the finishing order then toronto star wheels norris mcdonald will join us for some expert analysis of the chase by the lake and thanks to all who stop by our broadcast location on thunder rally with our toronto affiliate to say hello and benches with us darn hot but darn good indycar notes if you don't mind i wanna go back a page to hinchcliffe win on the iowa oval the race ending under caution something nascar considers burning at the stake worthy heresy hinch has no trouble with races ending under caution but you gotta be careful this is rooted in fuel if the track is clean with two laps to go then yam forum i don't i'm not a big fan of like doctoring the length of a race just to make sure it ends under green for me there's too many races that are fuelled races for us we run out of fuel crossing the line and if all of a sudden a yellow fly comes out with to go and ends up becoming a green white checkered erases erases done and i don't i don't think that's fair we go into it knowing how long it's going to be and that's what we planned for so that's what i want to run the exactly fuel aside you are manipulating the finish of a race when you add laps to try and ended under green and i don't like that at all and i think you all know that all the indy lights tidy up toronto began to indy lights award in arusha one those candidates kelly was fifth and sixth master hadas peres well arenas vk one both of those candidates parker thompson finished eighth in both of those endeavors nascar cup under the lights again this time in kentucky and martin to x junior and canadian crew chief copan dominating proceedings leading all but ninety three of the two hundred and sixty seven laps win number four on the season for true junior the defending champion ryan blaney second brad keselowski third kozlowski still winless the season that's a surprise cup points in new hampshire kyle busch who was fourth at kentucky leads harvard who was fifth by fifty nine cup clippings or plans come together it seems at charlotte pretty nicely for the september thirtieth wroval four hundred i playoff road course in nascar history longest road course in the sanction as well two point two eight miles seventeen turn road thing thirtyfive feet of elevation change that uses a portion of the charlotte oval kind of like what they do daytona it will be the first cutoff race of ten race cup playoff nascar xfinity at kentucky the christopher bell canada's alex labbe thirtysecond with some contact trucks ben rhodes took that candidate stuart friesen second that i win is coming and coming soon nascar canada avocado indie that went to andrew ranger from one week up for germany twentysecond lewis hamilton accepting the apology from kimi raikkonen for their first lap crash off the start of the british grand prix and wants to move on oh we're so happy to hear this lewis was clobbered by the ferrari driver turned three at silverstone which dropped to eighteenth but wasn't a treat ever watch him charge back through to.

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